The Youth Sports Foundation Annual Baseball Clinic took place on January 25th at the newly remodeled Municipal Stadium on Francisco León García. Children from the entire region were invited to a basic baseball clinic of about three hours where they participated with ex-baseball players and coaches who donated their time to do this great altruistic work inspiring children to look for a future away from the streets and within a field of play.

This event has been taking place since 2009 at the initiative of a former major league player, Scott Steinmann and Rick Busa, with the help of former Mayor Alejandro Zepeda. This annual clinic is open to all boys and girls aged 7 years and older.

The field was divided into stations by specialties and position where the boys and girls had the opportunity to learn the basics of baseball directly from the ex-major league coaches and players who donated their time and effort to leave that seed of improvement in children throughout the region. The players and coaches showed the kids that if they work hard, have good work ethic, and don’t take things for granted that they can get away from the streets and follow a path of sports. Thanks again to everyone who donated their time to the children.

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish”