Irony Surrounding Mexico’s Safety

Apr 23, 2012 by Rita Pizarro

I am in Tempe browsing through the weekend newspapers after arriving from my latest trip to Rocky Point, I find it ironic that during the same weekend one paper asks in big capital bold letters, “ Is Mexico Safe”,  while the other shows, “14 people  shot in Tempe”, same weekend same newspaper…

So is Mexico safe? Absolutely not!  Neither is Tempe! Maybe ASU should warn students not to go to Tempe because they could be shot (of course ASU’s campus is In Tempe so that would be a little tough to achieve for ASU students). Actually, one of the most dangerous things most of us do every day is drive in our cars. you can die from a car accident! More so, when you are born there is just one guarantee: you are going to die, we never know when but we will eventually all die. Insurance companies know more about probabilities and play games with those numbers so they can make money on life insurance policies, but the fact of life is that it eventually ends with death.

Sending your kids to school in USA is dangerous: there are shootings almost every year, Concerts are dangerous, freeways are dangerous, there have been random shootings even in a gym or a grocery store, and there has even been a shooting in a hospital recently, all in the US. Random people, random places.

We have all heard the many American tourists and retirees who feel proud to say how safe they feel in Rocky Point. I have always felt safe in Rocky Point. I also feel safe in Tempe, then again I could be shot in either place so the feeling of safety is just that “a feeling”. Maybe I feel safe because I have never been shot, maybe I feel safe because I have not done anything illegal, maybe I feel safe because the people I deal with are not criminals or maybe it’s just my personality that makes me feel safe, better yet:  maybe it’s a choice.

Choice is freedom:  I choose to go to Mexico, enjoy the beach, the culture, the food and the wonderful sunsets, and I choose to feel safe. I also choose to get up every day and not think of the many dangers in the world, but of the many opportunities that  day offers to me. I take risks and I could die taking them, but I will die without them anyway so I don’t see another way to live. I am happy to have the freedom to choose to take those risks. I think the USA is a great country with a beautiful neighbor that is Mexico, and I enjoy both places.

I invite you to do the same and most of all enjoy today because we don’t know what tomorrow brings on either side of the border!

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  1. Dennis

    very ironic indeed …always feel safe in Rocky Point …always ….much safer than here in phoenix …

    • Tico-T

      I have 4 bullet fragments in my shoulder and hip. Where did it happen? In Chicago,Il USA 9/11/81.
      I travel to RP once a month and never feel unsafe. There should be a State Dept travel advisory for Chicago.

      • rocky point girl

        the tavel department need to travel where the advisory is,period.

      • Chris

        Hmmm ,who do we know thats from chicago ? oh yes the person whom is in charge of our country………I love mexico (R/P) and will be spending alot of my retirement there when the time comes………..

    • rocky point girl

      stay in phoenix

      • Chris

        Well the only thing I worry about in mexico is passing through the border area,(lukeville) I am wondering what the heck are they gonna tell me I can’t bring in ,how much or what are they gonaa hustle me for ,it’s not the cartel or the private citizens I worry about ,it’s what the border security people are going to give me problems about this trip !…….And why are they taking pictures of my dog???

        • Chris

          I just came through sonoyta, I got out ok but onmy way in going to R/P I got stopped by the local police there in my motorhome,I was moving slightly faster than a snails pace but ofcourse the cops turned around and came and stopped me , I was in no hurry I had 7 days to spend in R/P ,fortunately he didn’t ticket me because I threw a fit ,he asked me why I was so upset ,I said because the last time I was through I was stopped and hustled for 40. bucks ,I don’t know if I get stopped because I travel alone and they think well he has no witnesses so he’s an easy target, on this particular day the guy coming up behind me in a pick up was moving very fast,on my rear in no time but they insisted on stopping me in a slow single person motorhome (again) also when I saw that he was stopping me I opened my flipphone with the camera on and with the recorder on and maybe he spotted this ,it was sitting on the doghouse/ engine cover ,anyways I spent 4 of my 7 days at the dentist and left them $ 550.00 , HMMMMM fun in R/P

  2. Jason

    I love Rocky Point.  Have been there only four times, three of which were for missions trips…which means my first exposure to Rocky Point was not as a tourist on vacation, but as a helper in the barrio.  Have always felt safe there, even walking around the neighborhoods.

  3. Sea Dweller

    My wife and I have been living in Rocky Point for 16 years, and we also are very active with helping out in the barrios… We have made many friends out in the barrios and we feel 100% safe anywhere we go in Rocky Point… like the article states when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go… nothing you can do to stop it, but there are things you can do to make it safer any place you visit or live… stay away from areas known for violence… stay away from people prone to committing violent acts… live an honest life and be good to the people who surround you…

  4. jb

    Touche’ My husband and I raised our children visiting Mexico. Your article says it all.Well done! Mexico needs it’s nieghbors now more then ever to support their economy and to be thier friends. Best regards, JB in Cholla

    • rocky point girl

      yea JJ’s the best burgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Daboyles

    For those of us living in Mexico….we always say, the most dangerous part of travelling to Mexico is getting through Phoenix and Tucson in one piece…

  6. Acorella

    then why don’t all you rp lovers turn in your us citizenship and stay in fucking mexico ? and OUT of the good ol USA ! ! ! ~ ~ ~ ESPECIALLY YOU SEADWELLER YOU FUCKING PHONEY & THIEF ! ! !

    • RPDude

      We should all love both Mexico and USA! 🙂
      But Great comment Acorella

  7. Acorella

    rita pizaro just keep your UGLY ASS IN fucking mexico,

  8. Davidrdr66

    Besides your good points, the bus thing was in Puerta Vallarta…not Puerto Penasco

  9. Davidrdr66

    Besides your good points, the bus thing was in Puerta Vallarta…not Puerto Penasco

  10. Marucita

    Que bien escrito esta tu articulo Rita!

  11. XianMiller

    Hey Rita, Christian and April M. We still talk about what a nice time we had meeting you at our wedding, and it’s still the best massage I’ve had to date! Nice article, thanks for continuing the good fight to battle the misinformation that pours into the U.S. regarding travel, and the OBVIOUS hypocrisy of frightening the general public into thinking they’ll be KIDNAPPED or HOME INVADED. Buzz words indeed, but those two crimes are rampant in Phoenix, on a daily basis. Any incident in Rocky Point is tremendously isolated, but stays in the media circuit far too long, while just continuing to report the daily crimes in Arizona without blinking an eye. Thank you for your HONEST and OBJECTIVE thoughts on the matter, and I couldn’t agree more. If you choose to look for trouble, what do you think you’ll find? If you choose to have the time of your life……well, for those who don’t know and will never believe, it just leaves more room for the rest of us 🙂