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Equine Therapy

Looking for a good cause this holiday season? Look no further: Equine Therapy for Disabled Children

Holidays are almost here, and with them our generous spirit gets awakened and revived. Rocky Point being so close to the border is a town where the generosity of our neighbors is greatly appreciated and also needed.

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Israel Ríos García, Local Artist

Rocky Point has a lot of talent in a young local man. He actually has some trajectory and is pretty busy with his multifaceted career as a muralist, designer, body painter and almost anything that has to do with visual arts. His Name is Israel Rios Garcia.

I have seen Israel around town, in many events, at the Malecon, at a friend’s party, at the skateboard park and also doing amazing body paint at the Bike Rally, Halloween, Day of the Dead etc.

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2014 Rocky Point Rally

We had a spectacular showing for the 14th Rocky Point Bike Rally. The word is out there that over six thousand bikers showed up for a wonderful weekend with more than perfect weather, a fabulous crowd, and a lot of fun: So many events and so much live music, we could hardly remember it was actually November with balmy 85 degree weather during the day and wonderful cool dry nights that were actually just perfect for the nighttime events. Maybe it was all the bikes that kept the air dry for the entire event.

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November Sunsets

Fall is here, the heat of the summer is gone and weather is perfect in Rocky Point, November is one of the best months to enjoy a beach getaway, water is still warm enough to swim, golfers are out enjoying the ocean views and...

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Equine Therapy Event November 13th

Rocky Point is home to many interesting people and some beautiful families. I have the pleasure to know one of these families: The Perez family, headed by a lovely couple of Attorneys: Aaron Armando Perez Nuñez and Claudia Lugo Gamez de Perez, both of them practice law in Rocky Point and both share their love for children and horses. They share huge generous hearts and that has led them to provide Equine Therapies to children in need. Claudia and Aaron have 5 beautiful children: Aaron Armando (20), Ariadna Adanary (18), Twins Arlynee Alondra and Abraham Antonio (14) and the little one Arleth Aydenisse (6). The older sons and daughters are a great help for their loving parents with the equine therapies.

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September, time for Traditional Mexican Food

September signals the end of the summer, just a few more weeks and temperatures will cool down, soon weather will be great and the best sunsets of the year will be here to greet us every afternoon. You will also notice this September, while you drive around town that there are a lot of Mexican flags and red, green and white decorations all around, this is because September 16th is Mexican Independence Day. Therefore September is the month of the Country in Mexico, on September 15th the whole country celebrates just before midnight the independence from Spain with a giant family party, fireworks, food and lots of screaming “Viva Mexico” by the Mexican President, the Mayor of each town and everyone who attends the party in every plaza of each town.

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Summer Bliss

June is finally here and with it the summer and the longest day of the year: the summer solstice, this year occurring on June 21st. Kids are happily out of school, the ocean water in Puerto Peñasco is nice and warm and it’s time to take the family on a vacation to the beach and replenish, to have a few “lazy summer days”.

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