RitaPizarro_SummerBlissJune is finally here and with it the summer and the longest day of the year: the summer solstice, this year occurring on June 21st. Kids are happily out of school, the ocean water in Puerto Peñasco is nice and warm and it’s time to take the family on a vacation to the beach and replenish, to have a few “lazy summer days”.

Even though the summer seems to slowly crawl by, sometimes it goes away all too quickly, leaving you thinking of all the things you wanted to do in the summer that you didn’t do. Don’t let the summer go past you inadvertently, resolve to enjoy your favorite summer activities and make a list of what would make you happy this summer, here are a few ideas:


1) Dip your toes in the water with a drink (lemonade, margarita, cold beer,________ fill the blank with your favorite summer drink) in your hand and enjoy watching the tides of the ocean come and go.


2) Shut off your cell phone, close the lid to your laptop, turn off the TV and spend a lazy day with no electronics.


3) Checkout from your library or buy a good novel or other relaxing book and spend a day enjoying a good book that is not work related.


4) Make a living bouquet: buy some small vibrantly colored flowers and plant them in a basket to make a beautiful summer “living bouquet.”


5) Be a Big Brother or Big Sister for a day: Take someone else’s kid (or kids) that might be down on his/her luck out for ice cream or to the beach or maybe clothes or toy shopping and fill your heart with their joy. There are a lot of local kids that would absolutely Love this and believe me this will make you feel good, better than any spa treatment, trip to the mall or dinner out, and probably cheaper.


6) Run through the sprinklers barefooted, be silly like a kid, get wet, enjoy the mist and the grass under your toes, feel the energy of the earth connect with your body.


7) If you are lucky enough to have some rain: go outside and get wet, lift your head and feel the drops go down on your face and feel connected to nature.


8) Finish a project that has been begging to get done for a long time, and get peace of mind after you complete it.


9) Drive your motorcycle, quad, horse or whatever you like to ride at sunset and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and multicolored skies.


10) Move: try walking up and down the beach or start something new like a stand up paddleboard, Kayaking, kitesurfing (yes there are some good windy days in the summer), sailing or just go for a swim in the warm ocean water, you will feel great afterwards 🙂


Finally: stop complaining about the heat, Summer too shall pass 🙂

See you at the Beach!