There is a new Spa in town, but it is not run by new people.  In charge of Acqua, is our good friend  Dr. Sidhartha Hindu who used to run “Bio-dermapharma.” Bio-d clinic was located in  a small office, which was always a little difficult to find. The clinic offered Laser hair removal, Botox, Juvederm, microdermabrasion and many other beauty treatments for both men and women. Clientele is mainly locals, due to the great prices and promotions which are emailed out each month to everyone who has simply signed up to receive them.

I have been his client since I heard about him from a friend. Initially, I signed up for a laser hair removal treatment (at a really low price compared to a similar treatment in USA). Before deciding to use Dr. Sidharta, I had actually “won” some sessions at an American Laser center. I had gone in for a free consultation, at the US clinic, after which I was given the price of the full treatment. Needless to say, after the so called sticker-shock, I didn’t get any treatment there. Turns out it was WAY more expensive than treatments with Dr. Sidharta! Besides hair removal, Acquaalso offers great facials. Just recently I received an email for a two-for-one facial package that included use of the Acqua spa facilities, so I signed up a friend and we went together to his new place, which is located on Fremont Blvd.

I was very pleasantly surprised because, not only was the name changed, but the facilities are a great improvement over the previous location. The location is super easy to find in Plaza del Sol on Fremont Blvd. The entire presentation is great, from the name in the stone wall at the entrance, to the beautiful reception area, through the entire facility. This is actually a real SPA with peaceful decorations, relaxing music playing in the background, “wet zones” (jetted shower with steam and a dry sauna plus a beautiful hot tub), relaxation areas, pedicure and manicure chairs and treatment rooms. There is also an exercise room. I was a little late getting to Acqua for my reserved appointment time, and I received a very courteous phone call just to make sure I was indeed on my way.

And, once I finally arrived, I was very graciously greeted by the staff, and was offered my choice of  tea or wine. I was handed a plush robe and towels and then, as I had some time alone in the “wet zone” before my facial, I was able to somewhat relax from my hectic day with the steam and the jets from the shower. I chose to skip the sauna and went on to the relaxation zone where I had a choice of magazines or an aromatherapy eye cloth. Then I was on to my facial, which included a foot massage. The entire treatment took a bit longer than I had expected, but by this time I was finally totally relaxed from the treatment, the tea, aromatherapy, music and of course the very courteous staff!

I definitely enjoyed my visit and, even though I did it mostly for the relaxation, I didn’t have any big expectation on my “depigmentation facial” since I have been a beach dweller for so long and sun damage is just to be expected, but I did notice a positive change in my skin after a few days (it peeled a little and it does seem more “clear” ).  Overall I think it was a great experience and I was pleasantly surprised with finding something like this in Rocky Point, especially with such great prices and promotions. As I was leaving, I was offered more tea or an fresh crunchy apple!  I enjoyed my apple as I headed home, and thought it would be nice to share my experience with the readers of the Rocky Point Times Newapaper.

Acqua Medspa offers many more treatments such as:

Oxygen bar, Esclerotherapy, Peeling, Body wraps, Botox and dermal fillers (Juvederm), fractional laser resurfacing (CO2), reductive treatment, massage, anti cellulite treatments, celular regeneration therapies including: ozone therapy, antioxidant therapy, chelation therapy, detox