Come out to the beach, motivate yourself!

October is a beautiful month with fantastic weather, moon gazing is famous for being the best this time of the year, romantic walks on the beach and beach weddings abound, it was also a great time to have the “InSandity” obstacle course race.

This time the race took place in front of the Playa Bonita Hotel, with the perfect sandy beach and perfect weather for the course participants, the race was a lot bigger than the one we saw last Spring Break and the cost much lower than most obstacle courses For only $20, of which 50% went to help DIF (helping disadvantaged children and families), you can challenge your fitness and cleverness on passing obstacles and running through the sand.

Last Spring my husband, Tommy, had the best time of the Masters (crowd over 45), but he wasn’t happy with that. Being just 50 he wanted to beat the younger ones too, so he started going to the gym more often, we went to Bootcamp classes together, he rode his bike, did some weight training, he even went to a Zumba class and rode horses with me!

As the year moved along October came around and he was in much better shape, with a super low body fat and more stamina than before, he was ready to race but the last bootcamp class hurt his foot! Oh no!! After so much waiting for the InSandity, but he nevertheless got up really early Saturday morning, drove to Rocky Point and, with a few hours of sleep, ran the course…

And had the fastest time overall!

Congratulations to Tommy! He said he can’t wait for Spring Break and the next InSandity beach obstacle course.

Kudos also to Janet who has lost a lot of weight together with Brad and also ran and finished the course, I am sure she never would have thought of finishing this race a few months before; great job my friends.

InSandity is fun for a good cause and a great way to motivate yourself to achieve a better fitness level Go ahead and start walking more, weather is amazing, the beach is beautiful and there is no better time to start taking care of your body than today. Move more, live more and laugh more!