Cover1113“Just another day in Paradise”, as our late Editor, Tom O’Hare ALWAYS said, especially this time of year. His favorite Holiday was Thanksgiving, even though he didn’t really love turkey (except, maybe a crispy leg). For many years we held a “Tom’s Turkey Day celebration, for as many as 250 people…first at the house in town, then out at the “Ranchito” even before we had the walls up or the patios tiled. It didn’t matter if the Tecate tables were set out in the dirt front yard, he just loved having friends over, and sharing “his” day with everyone. Well…Thanksgiving weekend is but just a few short weeks away, and most of you are looking forward to a nice long Holiday Weekend filled with food, family, and fun. Hopefully, you will be down here with us in Rocky Point. Whether you will be starting a new Thanksgiving tradition here, or want to add some extra fun to your existing one, there is no better place on earth to celebrate a day of thanks than here in Rocky Point. The weather is always great, everyone is always happy, all of the shops are open, and the beach vendors are out in droves. If you are not into cooking your own dinner, we have many restaurants advertising their Special Thanksgiving Feast in this month’s issue. Check it out, and tell them RPTimes sent you. To put a little extra ‘thanks’ in your Thanksgiving weekend, you can bring some toys, blankets, jackets, socks, sweat clothes, etc. and donate them to a charity. Bring them to the Rocky Point Times Newspaper Offices, or go out and find a family or two who would benefit from your generosity.

The first weekend event this month is Dia de Los Muertos, November 1st(All Saints Day), and November 2nd is Dia de Los Inocentes(All Souls Day). Many think that “Day of the Dead” is a day of mourning, but is actually a day of remembrance, honor and celebration. It is not the Mexican version of Halloween, but a serious day when family members gather to visit the graves of deceased children and adults, and bring offerings of their favorite things, and decorate their graves. Special ‘Altars’ are built in businesses, homes and at the Casa de Cultura, on the Main Blvd. Benito Juarez, next to the Library, and across from the Municipal Building. The ‘Altars’ are built early, and visited daily. It is a wonderful experience for young and old, alike.

The second weekend of this month will be our 13th Annual Rocky Point Rally. The City is gearing up to welcome thousands of bikers from all over Mexico and USA over the weekend beginning with Thursday, November 7th. Yes, Old Port will once again be closed off to all vehicles, EXCEPT MOTORCYCLES. If you are not on a bike, find a place to park, and walk in for the fun. The Port will be packed with bikes of all sizes and shapes…and girls and guys, too! Bring your camera, come to the Port, and drive around town, you will see some exhibitions, parades, lots of bikes, and will capture some memories for sure. Calle 13 (where our office is) WILL BE OPEN ! It has been under construction, actually a complete makeover has been taking place, as you can see from the photos (taken by our own Alicia Grajeda). The work has been going on since summer, but the powers that be assure us that the bikes will be welcome on Calle 13, as in every year prior.

It looks like our Home Port will be laying the first stone this month. That means, what, a couple years till we have cruise ships coming in to Puerto Peñasco. Air flights to and from Las Vegas now, and cruises later! The Convention Center is getting ready to host groups of about 2,500 people, and the road is under completion. BOOMERFEST is on hold, we guess, since absolutely nothing has been done that we were told would be done. Ah well, would of been good for the town…maybe next year? Don’t forget to pick your CHRISTMAS ANGEL from the trees around town, and make Christmas a Merry one for one (or two) children here in Rocky Point. You can always ask Alicia, at our office, for information about our town, She knows where everything is, and how to get there.

Our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page is still exploding, with now almost 4,000 followers of our Posts about Peñasco. If you haven’t LIKED our page, please do it now, and receive all our Posts about what’s happening in our town. AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Our Web site www.rptimes.com has a new “CROSSING THE BORDER’ graphic which you can easily click on for the information about what you can and cannot bring across the border. Both USA and Mexico sites are available, and for English on the Mexico Page, look top, right. AND, you can read current and past issues of the Rocky Point Times online at http://penas.co/rptimes.com.

We just had our Tom O’Hare Memorial El Golfo Run the weekend of October 18th, and already being asked, “When is the next ‘Run'”. Well we don’t know yet, but suspect, since the Full Moon in May will be on the 14th, which is a Wednesday, that the ‘Run’ will begin the following Friday…BUT sometimes we schedule for the New Moon…so we will check it out further, and let you know.

As Tom would say, “Have a really good, healthy month! Come on down…the weather, and the sunsets, are great!


#1 WITH “This is our Side Road, Pino Suarez, off Calle 13”

#2 “Here is Calle 12, behind our Office”