Fall is here, the heat of the summer is gone and weather is perfect in Rocky Point, November is one of the best months to enjoy a beach getaway, water is still warm enough to swim, golfers are out enjoying the ocean views and mild temperatures. My favorite thing in the fall is the sunsets, they are a beautiful event worth making a date with yourself or with someone you love. I encourage you to watch a sunset every evening you are here. It is super romantic to walk on the beach at sunset time, turn off your cell phone, forget your office or work problems and take a deep breath. Allow yourself the luxury of a few precious minutes to connect with nature, enjoy the shimmering rays of the sun caressing the surface of the oceans water, making it glisten like millions of little jewels that change colors as the sun goes down. The ocean breeze will cool your skin while you listen to the many ocean birds as they move to their resting spots for the night. You can immerse all your senses while you touch the sand with your feet, take in the scent and taste of the salty ocean water in the breeze and hear the soft murmur of the ocean and the seabirds in the background. Feel the energy of the earth through your feet and ground yourself by feeling the sand beneath you and the immense sky above you in one wonderful moment of outdoor personal glory. Let yourself be immersed in the experience of one more wonderful day coming to an end, and the promise of yet another beautiful tomorrow, signaling the circle of an ever renewing cycle of nature.

As you enjoy your time by the shore you will see many birds. Fall and winter are great times for bird watchers as they offer the chance to see migratory birds. Since a lot of sea birds start migrating south, some find their home in Rocky Point for the winter months, and some just pass by. You will see several species of gulls, brown and blue footed boobies, loons, herons, cormorants, Ibis, and the majestic Osprey. The list of birds you can find here in the different sites such as Cholla bay and Estero Morua is actually huge but surely if you stay by the shore for sunset you will see large groups of brown pelicans flying together, finding their nighttime spots in amazing “V” formations. It is always a treat to see them effortlessly flying over the ocean, like gliding through the air until they find the perfect rock to spend the night together. Many of them prefer the Old Port, Cholla Bay and Whale Hill for their nighttime rest.

November is also the month to give thanks. Look around and see how blessed we are, with our beautiful weather with wonderful sunsets, beautiful shores, clean air to breathe, relaxed lifestyle, loving friends and family. So much to be thankful for, so here’s to a big Thank You, and Cheers to Rocky Point!