rvsHow many RV’s do you see when you are going down the road?

A whole bunch. Seems RV’ing is the big thing now. No more “tourist cabins” run by Ma and Pa Kettle with Pa saying, “I’ll get around to it”. Twenty-five cent a gallon gas is gone, nineteen-cent burgers from MacDonald’s are no more. Progress!!!

Oh the good old days. Some of you may not remember them, but I sure do cause I’m an old fogy.

I had an older sister that was handicapped and in a wheelchair and Dad used to take the family for rides on Summer Sundays. They would buy some A&W root beer, crackers, cheese and frankfurters and we would park along the side of a road and eat in the car. I was so embarrassed when someone would go by and look at us. When you are a kid you don’t want to be noticed like that.

Now days it is pull into a rest area and make soup and sandwiches or whatever.

When we first moved here we rented a 1300 sq. ft. condo for a year, then a big beach house for a year, then a little smaller house and now a little smaller one trying to make it easier to clean. Still renting though. Maybe the landlord will ask us to move or raise the rent.

Well we fixed that!! Guess what? We bought an RV and moved it to an RV park. First time owners have a lot to learn. Leveling and blocking, setting up a patio for Martini and snack time (that comes first), hooking up water, elect, and sewer next because that comes with the martini time.

Moving from a seventeen- hundred sq ft house to a four hundred sq ft RV is quite a challenge. How did we get so much stuff? Where do we put it all? Must be martini time now, isn’t it? Get rid of this and that. WAIT! Where do I put my fishing poles? The recliners are too big and I need one to watch TV in. Run to Phoenix and get some smaller ones, along with a bunch of other stuff. But we don’t have room for what we have!

That is where we are now. Tomorrow will bring more surprises.

The RV Park has its own crew to help with leveling and blocking, hooking up the utilities, washing and waxing and various labor jobs. We wanted an outdoor space to add square footage. A patio, steps, a canopy and almost anything you want. That is if you are going to be there permanent. Most of the parks have activities that will keep you busy and we are right on the beach so I can plan my fishing trips.

We are at Playa Bonita and have been greeted with open arms. Good friendly people that have been RV’ing for a while and ‘have been there done that’ and are willing to advise you. There are several RV parks here so get out, buy an RV and join us.

On that subject, the salesmen are like car salesmen. They will promise you the moon to make a sale. Then when you get it there might be differences from what they said. Supposed to be a pantry here, (oh that was an option and not included in this model). Home Depot really likes us. Be sure of what is included and tell them you are going to hold them to their promises.

Happy RV’ing and we will see you at the social club.