Most of my articles are written in the middle of the night, when I am a little fuzzy. But I have to start somewhere. After all the articles I have submitted, you should understand, my lap top has a mind of its own!
I live in Playa Bonita RV Park, and I love it. I have met some very nice people in the last 2 1/2 years we’ve been at the park. A lot of people remember me by name when they return. They ask how fishing has been and where “so and so” is parked. That’s the fun the RV’ers have. They meet new people at every stop, make friends and maybe see them again down the road at another time in another place. I am a lucky one because we stay here and greet them when they come back.
Most people can count on one hand the number of really special friends they have, if they are lucky. I am one of those. We left all our Colorado friends 6 yrs. ago when we moved to Peñasco. Of all the friends we have made in Peñasco, we have a married couple that standout in my mind. I have asked their permission to use their names and am so happy they said yes.
Jim and Nan live in Chino Valley and visit Peñasco whenever they can make the trip. I got Jim interested in fishing with me but I told him his pole was crap and he needed to buy a good one. So we went to the fishing department at a store in northern Az. I found a likely pole and bent it to check the flexibility and it snapped in half! His eyes got big and said put it back! Half price blue light special! I blamed it on him and now he is 86’d from this sporting goods section.
Nan is the instigator, and Jim can get in a lot of mischief. He is not a big drinker but does on occasion have a few beers or margaritas. One of his other nicknames is Jim BOOM. After four or five margaritas it is “Look out, Katie, bar the door”. One evening Jim and I had a couple drinks and dinner, then a couple more drinks. It was hot so we went to sit on the beach wall at Playa Bonita Park to cool off. A backhoe pulled up close to us carrying a concrete pillar for a new solar light. The worker went down to the beach and started digging a hole for the new pillar, right next to the existing pillar. Jim couldn’t understand the reasoning behind this, since he is a retired general contractor. He decided the workers needed his help in positioning the new pillar. “No, no, no! Aqui, Aqui, Aqui, pointing at the existing pillar. Aqui meaning here. The laborer kept digging where he was, so Jim (the white tornado) grabbed his shovel from him and filled the hole back up. Aqui, Aqui! Needless to say Jim’s help was not needed as they continued to place the new pillar where they wanted it to be.
Jim (the white tornado) and his wife Nan were parked across from us when I had a total knee replacement in November of 2014. The day after I got home, I was in a lot of pain and I was depressed. Jim came over and said, “Come on Rob we are going to start walking”. And every day, although I didn’t want to, he was right there. I had excuses but he wasn’t buying them and we became very good friends. Nan was a nurse and she also put in her two cents worth! Jim is in his early fifties and I am in my mid-seventies so he treats me like his dad. Love you Jim and Nan.
Until next time…
P.S. If you are down here and run into Jim look at him and say BOOM.