I have a few questions I need answered. Being ordered to stay home I have had a lot of time to think. I think that these are viable. Maybe someone smarter than Yogi Bear will know the answers.

I have been receiving email notices to click on this link, it’s important. So, I click on it. These are friends of mine on face book. The 1st one is supposed to know because he is a doctor. He was just as bad as a weathered old cowboy that doesn’t know that our langruage has other words than cuss words. He is mad and he is hollering about the media printing false reports that were way out. He claims that as a Dr. he knows what to take if you get sick with old Corona. He said to go out and get some quinine and some zinc and if you can’t get quinine get Schweppes Tonic Water because it has quinine in it and you will be up and around in a day or so.

Okay, I’m going to hold up on that recommendation and we will go on to the next one who claims that it is the signals that are 5G. We are in a world that a lot of companies want faster and faster speed on their computers. These radio frequencies are changing our body’s make up and this is causing our bodies to short circuit and if our body isn’t accepting the change it isn’t needed so it gets rid of us. He goes on to say that 5G isn’t going away, so I guess we are going to be in this situation for awhile so those of us that are in that position’ bye bye you’all.

So, I say let’s party and have as good a time as we can because we may be on that bus. I wonder if they serve lunch on this bus.

Thanks for reading my articles. I don’t mean to cause any bad thoughts to anyone. This is supposed to be entertainment. Maybe I don’t know more than Yogi Bear and I don’t even drink Corona.