Mayor Kiko the Munro reported that as part of ongoing efforts to continue announcing Puerto Peñasco as a municipality free of Coronavirus Covid-19, the first 400 rapid tests have arrived in which to quickly check for infections.

The mayor also revealed that there are already 2,000 more tests on the way. Tests should begin being used this week and will help to reaffirm the absence of the virus in Puerto Peñasco and will help identify any cases which should crop up.

Kiko Munro explained that the first 400 tests will be administered without charge and will be used for persons who have shown symptoms consistent with Coronavirus, in order to confirm the infections and help to avoid spread to others.

The additional 2,000 tests, which are to arrive soon, which will have a nominal cost and are intended to be used at the checkpoint outside of town on the Peñasco-Sonoyta Highway. Access has been restricted to all persons other than deliveries of foods and essential items to the city. Even local residents are not able to gain access to the city at this time as the administration ramped up efforts to prevent entry of the disease to town weeks ago.

In the very near future, anyone wanting to pass the checkpoint will be required to submit to the test, administered by the Red Cross personell. The fast result from the tests will determine if someone is infected or not, further helping to avoid contamination and spread of Coronavirus into Rocky Point. Persons wanting to enter Rocky Point, who are administered the test, will be charged a fee for each test in order to allow the city to continue to purchase more tests as needed.

“We make the first investment and we provide Red Cross, and they will be administering those tests to all who wish to enter the city, either because they were outside the city when the restrictions were put in place or for anyone wanting to enter, even if it is someone who intends to come here on vacation. They will know that it is safe to come here because the tests will not let anyone who tests positive for the virus to enter” commented Kiko Munro. He also added that these tests have a very fast result and will enable employers in all areas to screen employees allowing workers to return to hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the tourism industry.

The Mayor emphasized that the goal is to keep Puerto Peñasco free municipality of Covid-19, and these strategies that have proven effective in other parts of the world will be applied here until the emergency is over.

The Mayor announced that Tuesday, in virtual meeting with Governor Claudia Pavlovich and other Sonora Mayors, these systems of prevention and control were discussed as well as the statistical drop Coronavirus in the State, which will allow gradually easing restrictions on economic and school activities, possibly starting in the very near future, even as early as next week.

“The decision is not up to me, but I think that we have all sacrificed and have made the required efforts that have been requested of us in order to maintain order and control the spread of covid-19. The efforts of public health and public safety personnel as well as those in the city government have gone above and beyond expectations in helping to minimize any risk from this emergency. We all deserve consideration in an effort to restore daily life with the normality to which we are accustomed,” he said.

Mayor Munro said that with each passing day, Puerto Peñasco is closer to the release of restrictions caused from this health crisis, and closer to getting back to normal with the least possible number of cases, and we aspire to move through this pandemic without deaths. Peñasco is known for our people working together, both society and the government.

Oscar Castro Castro, head of the Municipal Health Coordination, said that the arrival of rapid tests for Coronavirus Covid-19 represents more security and tranquility for Puerto Peñasco.

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