Time has snuck up on me. I went to bed tonight and realized that I didn’t write anything for this month’s Rocky Point Times and the deadline is tomorrow. Oh woe is me, what should I write about?

How about the fish that got away? Do you want to hear about that?

Guess you are going to because I am picking at straws here.

I always try to get new people to go fishing with me because some people would like to go but don’t know how to go about finding a charter, how much it cost and the rest about it. Here is the straight scoop.

When you are heading to the Malecon, there is a marina on the right side of the road. All you have to do is pull in there and the captains will approach you. Ask questions, be comfortable with their answers. How far out? How much per person? Do they clean the fish or is that extra? Do they furnish the equipment?

I took a man out with me and he had never fished before. I gave him some motion sickness pills but I should have had him take one the night before and then one in the morning. I had a big fish break my pole a couple weeks before and I got a new one to replace it. I used it 3 times and I let this gentleman use it on this day.

He got seasick and put the pole in the pole holder and started to chum the fish .A big fish grabbed the bait, snapped the pole in two places and broke the line. Didn’t lose my reel though.

It is so nice and peaceful out on the water. I have seen it all in the last five years. Whales, dolphin, sea lions and fish jumping out of the water. Give it a shot, you will love it.

Thanks again for reading my articles. Hope you enjoy.