What a great weekend for the 12th annual Rocky Point Rally, there was a huge turnout, streets were packed with bikers from both sides of the border sharing Mexican beers, ocean views, loud engines and good times. Everyone seemed to be having fun and to be enjoying the different events while socializing with fellow bikers and old time friends.

We were blessed with cool weather and thankfully no rain like last year. We were a little worried while riding down on Friday afternoon, as it was pretty rainy and cloudy on the way down. But Rocky Point was dry the whole weekend, making it ideal for all the planned and unplanned activities that riders and spectators enjoyed through the weekend.

The Malecon was particularly packed with action. Bikes were showcased throughout the streets and on the walking areas of the Malecon. There was not a spot left without a motorcycle to show off. We parked our new Harley, after riding it for the first time in Rocky Point and decided to walk around. Girls were going wild for beads, and burnouts filled the air with smoke and loud engines roaring. But you don’t need to have a motorcycle to enjoy the rally. Our good friends Bernardo and Juanita (Also Known in USA as Brad and Janet) have their own club: “Bernardo’s Bad Ass Bike Club”. While we were walking by a bar in the Malecon looking at the motorcycles, they spotted us and then suddenly we were the proud recipients of the official T-shirt for the Bad Ass Bike club, and their ride for the weekend? Two electric scooters!… and they even do burnouts with beer! The much lighter ride doesn’t mean your fun is diminished at all, au contraire, they were the ones getting the most attention with their bikes and had more fun than most all weekend long. Kudos to Bernardo and Juanita and all the members of the Bad Ass Bike club (including us of course).

A new thing for this year’s Bike Rally was Eco Fun bringing a climbing wall and a “Bungee Trampoline” to the Old Port. The little ones were delighted to have something new for fun, and the affordable pricing made it attractive for both locals and tourists. Just $2.50 dollars per attraction or $4 for both, so of course we had to try it. First the climbing wall, surprisingly challenging. Neither Daniela (my daughter) or I could make it to the top, but no challenge is too big for Tommy who reached the top at the second try and made the bell ring for the first time since we arrived at the Old Port!

Next we decided to see how it feels to jump around with bungees around your waist, particularly exhilarating, like a mixture of a roller coaster and a high cardio exercise which just somewhat seems to raise the adrenaline and make you really thirsty in just a few minutes. Front flips, back flips even double flips or out of this world karate kicks, all doable fairly safely from the bungee trampoline, but only if you are under 210 pounds… We did like showing off the new motorcycle and riding around, but I think this was actually our favorite part of the weekend. After this event, these two attractions will be available at Mayan Palace and around town for special events only.

At night time the fun always merges to 13th street, which is a motorcycle and pedestrian only street during this time. More and more bikes lined the sides of the street while everyone paraded their rides up and down the road. Loud roaring engines and even colorful burnouts filled the air, together with the camaraderie of bikers from many many miles away who converge, once each year, in our beach town for a weekend full of action. The traditional bar hopping also takes place in this area. From Revolution 13 to the Dugout, every place was packed and even the restaurants on Sandy Beach had a healthy influx of bikers.

No doubt this is a great event for everyone in Rocky Point. We all thank the bikers for their support of the local causes, such as DIF and the Red Cross, which the rally benefits. The local hotels, restaurants, bars, corner stores and vendors also thank every biker and tourist, both national and international, who supported them during this weekend:

Great Success!!…and see you next year for another November weekend full of Fun!