Well, it is that time of year again here in Rocky Point…the holiday season is upon us! And, there can be no better way to celebrate your holiday season than to remember to be thankful and give back to the less fortunate in the world… especially those right here in Rocky Point.  True, we can all sit back and count our shortcomings and misgivings and debacles in our lives, but truly I think we can all agree, we are truly blessed!

My family started a foundation to give back to the needy of Rocky Point 8 years ago.  Over the years, your outpouring of love and support has been nothing short of phenomenal!  The truckloads of clothes, blankets, shoes and food that we have been able to deliver directly to the desperate people living along the railroad tracks right here in Rocky Point has been amazing.  It is truly remarkable to see the smiling children’s faces when they receive a new jacket or actually have a pillow to lie their head upon or even receive a used pair of shoes that fit.  Tears of joy and shrieks of delight usually fill the air and can be heard down the railroad tracks.

The collections for clothing and food are starting once again. Despite our economy, last year’s haul was near double from what it was in 2010 and this year we plan to top all of the years! Our focus this year is on shoes, socks and blankets. We always like to be able to give new items at the holiday season but are very accepting and grateful to receive all types of clothing, shoes, household items, cookware, bicycles, food…. You name it! A wise woman once told me that you get back 10 times what you give so PLEASE go through a little fall cleaning of your homes and wardrobes.  If you are not needing or using it, our needy friends in Rocky Point sure can!!  If you can spare a few dollars, please purchase a new gift for someone…you will be rewarded.  Please email me at mpaliscak@amerifirst.us to find out how you can help.  I will arrange to get your donations from anywhere in Arizona.  Also, if you or your family would like to share in the unforgettable honor of being a part of the delivery of the items between Christmas and New Year’s day, please let me know.  I promise you, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Thank you to everyone in advance for your support and especially to my family, Jessica, Zack and Olivia, the Baker Family, my Bella Sirena family, my Amerifirst Financial family who has been nothing short of extraordinary in their annual rally to help our cause and, last but not least, my awesome Swim Neptune family of swimmers.  God bless everyone for a safe and happy holiday season and thank YOU from all the hearts of the people living along the tracks in Rocky Point.  Until next time, see you at beach! ADIOS AMIGOS!!