Visited Laguna Shores Resort for the day last week and the highlight was when it was low tide and we walked approx. 1/2 miles out. We even dug for clams and left with over 100! Great clam linguini for dinner.
Dell Robinson Audry

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOU AND ALL RV OWNERS! Yesterday when we were leaving Rocky Point on the new bypass highway by the Convention Center heading north, there is a large sign that covers both lanes going out and coming in to Rocky Point.  They have now put some chains hanging down with more signs that ARE TOO LOW! We struck our motorhome going about 60 miles per hour. We now have the top of the fiberglass above our windshield with a hole in it. It also struck our satellite TV dome but no damage has been seen. We heard the loudest bang and pulled over to check it out.  Another RV behind us, also struck it. Many big trucks were pulled over to the side of the road because they cannot pass underneath this hanging dangerous sign! PLEASE WARN THE RV OWNERS. There will be many unhappy people if this happens to them. I don’t know how to ask the City of Rocky Point or whoever is responsible for the sign, to change this and either remove it all together or at least lift it higher so tall vehicles can pass underneath safely.  Maybe Gus or the owner of The Reef can also help.  It is such a nice road that allows us to get straight into your park, but this hazard can put people in danger and of course damage their expensive motorhomes. I am going to also e-mail someone from the Rocky Point Times Newspaper about this. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!  We had a great time again, this our 4th time down this year! Take Care!
Cindy Larson
Thanks for your letter. We put this information in Tom’s Editorial for November, and on our Facebook Page, as a warning to future visitors. The road is a “low speed’ road and not for ‘heavy traffic’. The signs are in Spanish, of course, so if you do not read Spanish you would not know about the weight part, but you can still read the speed signs. The arch ‘sign’ was built, I am sure, low and narrow to keep the larger heavier vehicles OFF the resort road. The low hanging chains were added immediately when the arch was finished…all for the same purpose.

What’s the green flash? Never heard of it!
Timothy Bowen
The ‘Green Flash’ is said to occur as the sun sets on the Sea, when the conditions in the atmosphere are correct.

Just back from Playa Encanto – we got bitten up by small black flies. Been coming to RP for 30 years and have never run into these pests. When they bite it hurts. Anyone know what they are? Also, will Deet keep them from biting?
Sarah McKasson
We don’t know, but Deet sounds like a good idea.

We are headed down to Puerto Peñasco again and it has been almost a year, “totally unforgivable”.  Hope the Mare Blu is still in operation by the fish markets, and I remember the MB owner opening a restaurant on Fremont. Is that still there and if it is how is it. Hope things keep getting better down there. Looking forward to our stay,
Jeff Leonard

Hola, yes, shame on you!! ALL IS WELL here in Rocky Point. Mare Blu Bistro is still open in Old Port, and the original Mare Blu is still out on Sandy Beach, next to Wrecked at the Reef. Then the Fremont restaurant is Don Julio’s, where the Hacienda Las Fuentes was. Both Mare Blu and Don Julio’s have ads in the Rocky Point Times Newspaper. If you do not have our paper, you may read the latest editions at  It is very cool to just ‘flip the pages’ and read the paper! Chef Luca has opened Pans e Vino on the main blvd at the RRXing. La Cocina de Ramon is still off Simon Morua, past the Ace Hardware, plus Ramon has opened Ramon’s Restaurant on the beach at Sonoran Resort (ad in paper). The Blue Marlin is still serving the best shrimp tacos, Pollo Lucas, the best asadero chicken, and Pollo Papago still has the most mouth watering rotisserie chicken, besides my hot dog man on Constitucion. La Casa del Capitan and Lighthouse still on top of the hill for the best sunset view. Chef Mickey Place is on Blvd. Fremont, also. Too many GOOD restaurants! We have SAM’S Club, Bodega Aurrera (WalMart), both side-byside on the main drag. AND Auto Zone. Believe it or not! Have fun!

Sandra O’Hare…I will take a moment to say, in my best Chicago accent, “YOU DA DOMB” ♥ With your help for the Rolling Rockies.
JG AttheSea
We are ALWAYS availble, with free space in the Rocky Point Times, to support the cause. Know that! SandyO

Just don’t let them dig to deep into the ice, when you buy shrimp at the fish markets. The smaller, older shrimp are under the big new ones. It happened to us. We always look at the ones they select before they clean them.
Edward Swafford

Thanks Sandy! Looking forward to an article. Wink Wink. 🙂
Brad Rowland
NSB Auto Body & Paint on Samuel Ocaña
Maybe you can sweet talk Lannette into writing a little article?

There are several issues of Rocky Point Times Newspaper which support our RP wheelchair basketball team, and Sandra O’Hare is always AWESOMESAUCE in getting the word out about the Rolling Rockies Wheelchair Basketball Team, and helping out!
JG AttheSea

I miss Rocky Point, and it’s only been a month since we were there.
Kelly McCarty

Thank you Sandra. Barbara will enjoy knowing this as she loved (and optically devoured) her copies of RP Times! She actually saved many and shows them to our friends here in Sun City. I hope that you and Tom are well, prospering and happy! Please give him my best regards.
Dave Anderson
You can read the Rocky Point Times Newspaper online at OR go to our website and SUBSCRIBE to have the real paper delivered to your door!

Hey, Sandy. You are so welcome!  My friend who volunteers at the Camp Verde library found them (AZ Highways, vintage ’46 and ’64) in a box in a back room…ready for discard…knows we have been coming to RP since the ’60’s and thought we’d enjoy them. Glad you liked them…Keep up the good work.


We all made it to El Golfo! It was close for some of us!
Mona Coury
Sounds like the ‘Good Ole Days’ when we could count on getting mudded every single time!!


The November cover photo is great! This is such a fun – transforming trip. We’ve been coming since the 3rd Rally…Lots of events and friendly people out to show their bikes, bodies and of course tequila grins.

Julie Brian Oesterreicher


It’s not November yet, and we already have our RPTimes! Early release? And online even? Someone has been eating their Wheaties this month…”
Aaron Rand
AND drinking our 5 Hour Energy!

OMG! We had so much fun! Great people, amazing views, and what a wild ride. I have a lot of pics – is there a separate page for El Golfo? How do you guys usually share pics from the trip? We missed you and Tom and look forward to traveling with you in the future.
Mona Coury

Would love to see it happen. If Rocky Point had a casino or two, it would be a done deal. I know there are pros and cons to casinos, and I don’t even gamble, but they do draw people.
Ed Waters

Please send subscription to Ms. Linda White.

Hereford, AZ