Years ago when Rocky Point roads were still mostly dirt and the beaches were full of RV Parks and snowbirds it was extremely hard to find our favorite food items at stores in town. I can still remember the day I found mozzarella cheese and Philadelphia Cream Cheese. There were just a lot of things we had to go without, which is not a bad thing since it forced us to eat mostly fresh items. Buen Gusto, the bakery/panaderia where Laguna Shores Resort office resides now was the place to go for breads, empanadas, cookies and all baked goods. Little by little, neighborhood markets started stocking “American” items like the cream cheese and American cheese, coffee creamer, soups and a slew of other items. We knew which markets had which items – or usually did – and when their fresh produce came in. And then came the gigantic (for here) market SuperLey – WOW! We thought we had died and gone to Heaven. Aisles and aisles stocked full of items we had never been able to get in Rocky Point: A fresh food and deli section; Baked goods daily; a fresh seafood and meat section with a counter person to help you just like in the States. I tell you the market was packed for at least a year or more and, no kidding, it would take the better part of 30 minutes to get through the checkout line.

Today we have two fast food restaurants – Burger King and Domino’s Pizza and more large supermarkets as well as Bodega Aurrera (Walmart) and Sam’ Club, which opened this spring. Between all of these stores and neighborhood stores there isn’t much you can’t find now. Rocky Point, Mexico has always been known for its fresh shrimp and fish and seafood so those were always easy items to get, but there was a time we were hard pressed to find a boneless chicken breast – no kidding! Now they are all over. We just bought chicken breasts at Sam’s Club and I swear they are the size of turkey breasts. They are so big I had to read and re-read the box they came in. And they are so tasty on the BBQ.

Puerto Peñasco is located in the State of Sonora, which is known for its excellent beef. It used to be hard to get the right cut at the butcher or sometimes explain exactly what you wanted though as the years passed and more Gringos came to town this got easier at the local carniceria (meat market). With these big box stores and the named supermarkets, the beef is cut and labeled and just what you want whether it is filet mignon or flank steak. I even found hummus and good wine at Sam’s Club. Unless you have something you just can’t live without while vacationing in Rocky Point, you don’t need to bring any food items – only your swimsuit, sunscreen and sandals. Okay, and a few items of clothing if you plan to go out.

Shopping local is great for our economy as well, so next time you plan a trip to Rocky Point, plan on bringing more toys and less food. You will have to spend less time at the border in Lukeville/Sonoyta as well since you have no food items the agricultural department will have no need to go through your ice chest. And our fresh fruit and veggies are guaranteed to be more “organic” than those you buy at your local supermarket plus our beef and chicken are free from steroids and hormones and better for you. And with our fresh seafood, well, there is just no comparison. Plan to leave for Rocky Point a little earlier and shop our local stores on your way into town or unpack first and then get your weekend shopping done. The markets are easy to find and in fairly close proximity to all major resorts in Peñasco. We suggest shopping in Rocky Point.