Hello everybody!!
We would like to take this opportunity to recommend to you this new restaurant from our friend Chef Luca! It is called “PANE E VINO” and is located on the mail Blvd Benito Juarez, close to the railroad tracks across from Bank Santander / next to Cosmos 2000!
Please try it, our friend Luca is serving excellent Italian food with a little twist, and just opened last week Friday
He used to work in Mare Blu, so if you liked the food over there you will love this food as well. We feel very connected with them, since they started the same way we did six years ago— with just an idea and the passion to open a small restaurant to serve excellent food in a cozy place!!
Please help to support their ambition and visit them!
They are open Thursday to Tuesday at 5 pm for dinner,Wednesday is closed!
All the best to Luka and Karina
From all of us here at “Coffee’s Haus”
Lily & Uwe

We were sorry we missed Lucas’ opening. Spoke to him during delivery of the July issue with CONGRATULATIONS!

Hi Tom,
My husband, Dick and I met you a couple of months when we dropped off a bag of dog food at your office. We enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again and meet your wife. We are owners in Bella Sirena. When we were in Puerto Peñasco a couple of weeks ago, we knew you were closed (it was a Sunday), so we went over to drop some stuffed toys for the children at the Black Dog Restaurant. We were shocked and still are, that all we found was rubble where once the popular restaurant stood. Same old story? Bad Economy? We never did get to go there for a meal. My question now is where do we bring clothing, food, toys, etc. in the future. We saw in the Rocky Point Times that Black Dog was a drop-off place for such things. Please let us know and have a great 4th of July celebration next week. Thank you.
Mary (Mitzi) Newman

Hi there, yes, It was nice talking to you. Since we met, the Black Dog has been torn down and REBUILT. I just saw JR this week, and he said we’d ‘talk’ next week…so, hopefully I will have a story about the new CASINO, soon! Tom
Every year I hop in my car loaded with all that I need and head to RP (Playa Miramar) in October (beautiful month there) from way up here in Colorado. I love RP and look forward to going every time. Anyone ever need anything…let me know.
Mary Kingsbury

Hi there! Great paper, great website, great with you on Facebook now!!
Thank you! Bye!
Karen and Chuck Aldridge

Hello, please rush me Rocky Point Times, two different copies if possible.
Thank you
T. Nagle
Tucson, AZ

Hi, Sandy and Tom,
Would really like to thank you and your staff for providing “outsiders” with factual news about Rocky Pint.
Here in Tucson and most of Arizona, we are bombarded with warning about staying away from Rocky Point because it is so dangerous. I say to them “Bah! Hambug!”
Rocky Point is no more dangerous than any other city of it’s size and demographic. Just because it’s located in the state of Sonora, in Mexico, its bad-mouthed.
My friends and I travel to RP at least every other month and truly enjoy all the city has to offer. The newly remodeled Malecon (Old Port) is beautiful and the think I like most about RP in particular and Mexico, in general…the people.
They are so friendly and welcoming. This is a written invitation to all of my fellow Arizonan’s…come enjoy the beauty that is Mexico. You wont regret it!
Tucson, AZ

I too have to battle the negative publicity about Rocky Point each and every day. Almost every Email I get for inquiries about our services, mentions the news media and Rky Pt being on the “list” of dangerous cities in Mexico. I usually win them over, but I do a lot of talking. So far I’ve only had 2 groups cancel their reservation, so I feel lucky. My other situation is that, because we closed our office, a lot of people think I’m out of business. Well, we had so little walk-in traffic that it was a financial decision to close the office and move all my office equipment to my home. It’s really better now because now I am available 24/7, and believe me that’s what it is, with me answering Emails and phone calls all hours of the day. But I’m not complaining. It was such a slow winter that we’ll take anything we get. My newly rebuilt and repowered 44 ft fishing boat is now back in the water, so we are in business “full force”. I thought if I could send a short story with pictures of fish we are hitting on lately that maybe you would print that for us. The more positive news about what’s going on here in Rocky Pt the better it will be for all businesses here. My business, Santiagos Ocean Services, is just a very small piece of the “pie”. If you agree please let me know. I can put something together for the paper ASAP…muchas gracias.
Santiagos Ocean Services.

Of course, we have always welcomed your stories and photos. You might consider a little bit of advertising, to let the public know that you are available!

Hi Sandy,
I am still hoping to get information regarding the “Shrimper” sculpture on the Malecon, including any bio information that may be available about the sculptor. You had mentioned that you might consider re-running an article in the times. Any help will be appreciated.
Thank You! Larry Hobbs
Hi Evelyn, I didn’t forget about your request. I know it was commissioned by Gilberto Castillo when he was our mayor, many years ago but, because of problems, was not completed and delivered until about 2003. The story we ran was (unfortunately) before we put everything in our files digitally. Still looking for the information, page by page.

I was and so were a lot of other tourists. It was nice to see traffic in the streets of RP. Much needed boost in the economy let’s pray for a steady flow of tourists from now on.
Erik Stanley
I need to relocate some furniture from Rocky Point back to the Phoenix area. Do you know of any moving companies that provide this service?
Thanks for your assistance.
Hi Paul, Try Geoff at Border Movers. His ad says, “Moving from the States”…but maybe the opposite direction, too. (480) 232-3518 geoff@bordermovers.com
Why is it closed?
The grocery store at the border is closed due to the economy. UETA DUTY FREE STORE IS OPEN.
Hi Sandy!
I hope you’re doing great!
Paul and I are planning on heading to Rocky Point Fri – Sun (July 22-24) and I know Paul said he’d get in touch with Tom to talk to him about hotel recommendations but not sure when he’ll get to it so I thought I’d ask you about how they (hotel owners/housekeepers) feel about having a dog there. I know it was fine in El Golfo, but Harley was with us most of the time. If we leave him in the hotel in Rocky Point anywhere while we are at the beach, will they freak out? take him? kick us out?
We’re asking to be safe because it might be too hot to take him with us to the beach during the day and would leave him in the room…
Thanks so much!!!

The Playa Inn on Sinaloa used to be doggie friendly, or you might try calling the Baja Hotel & Cantina, but definitely check with the management first.
I have noticed for the last 2 additions that the Directory on the inside page of your newspaper is missing. The Advertiser Index & Phone Numbers there are VERY handy. I request you put that page back in.
Thank you,

Yes, thanks for asking. We will get the index of advertisers back in ASAP, probably by the September issue.
July 18, 2011
I was driving back from Phoenix, just out of Buckeye, when to the south I see this strange sight. It looked like a giant cloud that had just dropped on the ground. It was heading west. I could see the end of it. When I turned off I-10, heading south toward Gila Bend, I could see I was going to drive into it. I waited for the drops of rain to hit the windshield. Instead I drove into brown wind. It was moving about 40 mph and brown all the 35 miles to Gila Bend. I just saw on Nightline that I was in a HABOOB, a giant cloud of dust 3000 feet high that rolled across Phoenix. This is the second one this year in the Phoenix area. There are only 3 deserts in the world where this phenomenon happens. The Sonoran Desert is one of them. I have seen and been one with the HABOOB.

Muffet Rowe
Ajo, AZ

We were witness to one, many years ago, in Scottsdale, Az. Back then the media called it a ‘dust wall’, we had no idea what it was, and it was very eerie!