Some time ago RP Times had an article about El Bagre, or Caguante. It’s a tiny seafood place on Constitución, about a block south of “The Big Blue Building,” home of Manny’s Tequila Factory. They open at 7AM and close when they’re out of mariscos (seafood). I took a chance today at 1:30 and got a big order to go. This consists of a big bowl of heaped seafood with lots of shrimp mixed in, and is covered with a delicious broth. This delectable combination costs 100 pesos. On the side are shredded cabbage, onion, pico de gallo, and a couple of liquids that add a lot of heat. The broth is not hot, but it can be made so. My lips are burning as I write. I was waited on by a nice young woman, still in her school uniform, and she informed me that tomorrow, Saturday, they’ll have everything; ceviche, fried fish, clams prepared in a delicious way she couldn’t quite describe, and other stuff. I just wanted to let you seafood aficionados know.
Sue Swafford
My mouth is watering. This is so close to our offices, that we could walk over!

Hello Sandy,
Requesting a subscription to RPT for Juan and Kathy Aldava. They are always celebrating birthdays with the whole family but when it comes to their birthday, for some reason we never celebrate their special day, so the RPTimes is their present for being so caring. Send RPT to: Juan and Kathy Aldava to Surprise, AZ.
Pete Golach

LOVE Rocky Point! I used to get the online newspaper, really enjoyed it, but I guess that’s no longer in operation. We usually stay at Rick Trimmer’s place in Playa Encanto when we come down there, but it’s been a while since we’ve been there. Hopefully this fall when the weather cools down a bit. I live in northern Arizona, Seligman, on Route 66 about 75 miles west of Flagstaff. Love seeing the great photos of RP!
Catherine Evans
We’ve been to Seligman, many times. Beautiful country! The Rocky Point Times can be read online @ OR you may subscribe by going to our website, and printing the form

Super high tide. Yesterday I drove out to the first Oyster Farm (at around high tide…. 2:15) & had to turn back about half mile before I got there ’cause the road was under water quickly glowing up the road.
Marco Valadez


This is really cool. It certainly is one of the most unique places on the planet. I’ve crossed the Altar desert from north to south on foot, and walked over the top of the Pinacates and down to Cholla Bay. Everyone traveling to Puerto Peñasco should stop and check it out. Here’s a little write up:
Lannette, our daughter, has been to the top and signed the book. She brought back beautiful photos, which we published…years ago.

I will be traveling to Rocky Point July 7th and was curious how safe it is on the streets there. Has the crime settled down some? I always get nervous driving through town, or in the evenings. Any tips and reassurance that it’s safe? Thanks!
Sandra McCleary- Tremonti
When was the last time you were here in Rocky Point, Sandra? We have been here since 1990, and drive the streets every day. Our daughter, Lannette, followed a few years after us, and we all still live here. We would not be here if we felt unsafe or nervous. The people are wonderful, and friendly. The police and military are here for our safeguarding. We love Rocky Point!

I wanna win the trip to Rocky Point that allows me to pick up your paper every day, and read it on the patio.
Chris Huylebroeck

As a technology recruiter and being on the computer all day. It’s nice to sit on the patio and read the RP Times Newspaper. It’s Rocky Points version of the New Times.
Todd Laduron
WOW! How nice of you to say! I just wish we as ‘fat’ as the New Times! LOL

Hi, I wonder if you have any new information on dogs crossing from AZ into Sonoyta? We were stopped this week and asked for photo of our dog, in addition to the usual papers. They took the dog’s papers and my driver’s license away and left us at the inspection crossing station for about a half hour, then came back and said we could not enter again with our dog unless we have a picture in addition to the papers. I’ve searched on line, and cannot find this requirement. Any info you have would be appreciated. Mike Baskin, Las Conchas
Mike Baskin
Just called the officials @ the border, and they are saying just a health certificate and the shot record/card that is up to date. They are saying they take dogs photo. So, like I say…Who Knows?? Crazyness on both sides of the border. Maybe the SUPER MOON? Do you speak Spanish?

I went through yesterday and had to plea to keep my meat products, the agent wanted to take all meat products, chicken, pork or otherwise, he said rules changed 2 months ago. NO MEAT! News to me so be warned. I was able to talk my way through it and keep my stuff but I am sure if I were caught again I wouldn’t be so lucky.
Brent Miller
NO MEAT, FRESH VEGGIES, OR FRUIT. DON’T BRING DOG FOOD ACROSS THE BORDER, EITHER. I know, it’s a pain in the rear, but it’s the law…and it just depends WHO you get @ the border (SAME on the USA side).

Locals appreciate foreigners trying to speak Spanish. Doesn’t need to be grammatically correct…just try. But whether we speak it or not, we are always welcome in Puerto Peñasco!
Marilyn Loos
Yes, I’ve gotten many compliments on the information I posted on our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page: FREE LESSONS in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English at


I remember swimming out past the breakers one moonless night at Playa Bonita… when I got back to shore I was half way down Sandy Beach. I floated on my back looking at the stars for a while and then started swimming back to shore. It was a long walk back to my clothes.
Brad Bennett
Been there, done that!

Playa Mirador is the best side! Love Pink Cadillac and Manny’s! They are the best. And best guac at PC! And Reggie’s too, best burritos!
Lauran Herbert Beebe
Manny’s for a cold cerveza, and fish dinner @ Pink Cadillac.

I love Playa Mirador–it just got neglected a bit when the highrise craze hit, AND I miss all those trailer parks on the beach too! That went the wayside for nothing!
Debbie Christofferson
Yes, Debbie, that’s right. Playa Miramar, Señorial, Playa Elegante could still be here.

Already have ‘Liked’ your Facebook Page, Sandy! Met you and Tom many years back, at the Black Dog. Hope to see you again sometime when we’re down there! Hope all is well with you both!
Wendi Watts
Lots of GOOD TIMES @ the DOG! OMG!

Sure do love the Mirador beach!! Manny’s isn’t always open anymore…but when it is…I am there…shrimp cocktail…Dos Equis…Sunset. Capone’s is awesome…what a fun place…so full of life and laughter. Pink Cadillac definitely one of my “haunts”.
Patryka Chaves
Yes, we lived over there for 5 years, before we built the ‘Ranchito’. Five really fun years!! Oh, my…the parties!

The folks at SeaSide Reservations are letting me rent the Casa Diego for a week, and I can have my pug Hurley with me.
Diana Lunn-Bird
SeaSide Reservations=Nice People!

Keep on Trukin Sandy and Tom!
Liz Patze

The Immigration office relocated several years and your map in your monthly edition does not show the new location.  The immigration office is off of Fremont next to Bancomer.  Also I have gone to Regis since it reopened.  I buy apple fritters, they are good and greasy, and they have raised their price.  I now go to the candy bakery, I believe that is there name, now for my fix on apple fritters.  They are better and less grease and cost less.
Oh, my. I guess we should check our map when major changes are made. Thank you for telling us! AND, about Reggie’s 8/12, I will have to check with Tom about the apple fritters. LOL


You’re welcome! And thank YOU for taking the time to have a Facebook Page for the RPTimes! You make me feel closer to home when I’m very far away from it!
Laura Warren
Thank You! for being a reader and a friend of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper!

Hi Sandy, and all. We are planning to head down to Peñasco again tomorrow, but we are closing on our house, so won’t be able to leave until at least 2 pm. We will be bringing a trailer full of household goods, and plan to make a voluntary declaration. However, I am wondering what time the bank closes at the border and/or what is the mechanism for paying duty if the bank is closed by the time we arrive? Please let us know what you know, thanks.
Aduana is open till the border closes @ midnight, they say. We just called them. Careful driving!

We had a bag of oranges a few weeks ago and they let us bring them but said next time we can’t. Lol, gotta love the inconsistency of the Mexico border!
Erin Shugg-Fugiel
It has always been the ‘law’, no beef, or fresh fruit or fresh veggies cross the border…but not always enforced. Same thing on the US side, you don’t get the same officer or the same questions.

Yes I have to admit, last weekend in Rocky Point was 15 degrees less in temperature than Phoenix, and with the breeze on the beach, it was even better. You could did–and we did–sit for hours on the deck drinking coffee–and then switching it up. It was perfect @ Laguna Shores. On the beach. At the beachfront pool. Under the palapa.
Debbie Christofferson

Below is my contact information for my winning subscription. Thank you!!!!
Deborah Prokop
Scottsdale, AZ
Thanks for playing our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page game!

We’re not set up to help the cats but PET Effect S.O.S or Living Stones Ministry might be able to help with trap, neuter, release assistance for feral cats.
Barb’s Dog Rescue
We have the information for Pet Effect, but do not yet have info for Living Stones.

Last year about this time the “Detour” through Sonoyta was flooded and we had to go all the way around past El Golfo. But the bridge was open coming back north.
Tracy Paul Gruber
Ah, yes. I had to make that trip, also last year. Yes, both crossings are open. The new bridge in Sonoyta is great.

Please send me the Rocky Point Times newspaper starting with July. Thank you.
Antonio Schiavone


Please sign us up for a year’s subscription to Rocky Point Times. New owners in the Spa! Happy to be part of the community!
Richard & Migs Huleatt

There have been a lot of travel agent people from Vegas here seeing what kind of packages they can put together.
David Feltman
That would be great to have tour flights AND tour buses!!

We just got back home from a fun filled week in Rocky Point. However, we were disappointed to find that the Friendly Dolphin was closed. Any idea what is up with that?
John Schroeder
Hello, we think that Gaston has finally retired. We are sorry to see it closed, for a few months now.

All of the new rules and regs will start people to thinking its more hassle to go to Rocky Point than to just stay in the USA. They already have a reduction in visitors and now they’re eliminating some of those still going down too! They’re none too smart! You don’t want my $$$ fine I’ll spend it in USA! That’s the thought process! The harder you make it to come down and enjoy…The less I come.
Lisa Seaman
I know! Sometimes it seems that way…but you must realize we have the same rules heading north into the USA. We have to keep in mind that we are passing from one country to another, which is hard sometimes to fathom since Rocky Point beaches are so close to home.

Hi Sandy, I was just checking to make sure we will receive some copies of this months Rocky Point Times for our little lady’s cover! If I owe you anything for postage please let me know! Thanks a bunch.
Kelly Bender
Si, si. You will get your copies with our Bulk Mail subscribers. Everyone LOVES the cover photo!

They stop us a lot and see our dogs and ask for their papers. Last weekend was the first time we got asked for pics so we have to remember to bring them next time. But they have never taken our food, thankfully as it’s prescription. Not sure if we could buy it nor do I want to waste a second of valuable beach time to go shopping. We just go out to eat or have burritos and taquitos on the beach. Much better that way!
Lauran Herbert Beebe
Yes, dog food and cat food checked @ the border. Always changing, depending on the official you get.And, THEY take the photos.

Would love to get a copy here in Phoenix.
Carolyn Groll
Carolyn, our subscribers, all over the country, get there copy each month delivered to their door. Want to subscribe? Go to our Website or call our office VOIP (480) 463-6255 or Email us at

No problem. I live right here in Las Conchas, read the times as soon as it comes out. Love that paper.
Fae Steagall Baldwin
Thank you! We enjoy getting it out there each month for you.

Thank you for all the great news!
Mike Baskin
de nada, Mike…that’s what we’re here for.

RPTN; Please add me to your mailing list and send me a current edition of your great publication. I love your newspaper and when I venture down to AZ next year, your newspaper will prove to be a valuable asset. Thank you for your time and service.
Sincerest Regards,
Marcus Haga

Hi Alicia: here is the second column then…really like what you all did with the first one…it showed very well and oh by the way you all are major editors…the quality of the work you feature and the accuracy is equal to any daily anywhere…Thanks again,


Tuesday on the American side they made me get out of my car open the trunk and hood. I go to the post office in Lukeville once a week. 90% of the time I breeze on through. It appears when there are new recruits they haven’t fallen into any kind of routine yet. I question whether they can legally stop and search you before you leave the country.
Ed Chilleen
Ed, Yup…they can.


Do you know, or anybody knows if Mexican border patrol ask for any paperwork taking a quad to Rocky Point? Us border patrol doesn’t ask, but I don’t know if Mexicans are asking? Thanks.
Charlie Bejarano
Charlie, you will be asked for title and registration at the Mexican border.


Crossing the border into Mexico. They asked me once for our papers, and I thought he meant truck registration so I handed him the Tahoe registration and he looked at it and then looked at the dog… We cracked up.
Terry Creech

They asked Trudy that the last time she came down. I had not heard that before…wondering what they are looking for?
Leland Merrill
It was the first time I was ever asked for my PASSPORT WHEN ENTERING MEXICO.

Hi Sandy,
Hey, I’m up in Tucson visiting my brother, and I need some quick information if you have it. He wants to bring an old dirt bike, and an old 3 wheeler down to my house and leave them there in Peñasco. He is getting them legally titled in his name, but they are dirt bikes so will not be registered like regular “on-road” vehicles. Is this sufficient to get them across the border nowadays??  If not, how are people bringing their dirt toys/vehicles down there now? If you could possibly answer by tomorrow, (Monday) afternoon it would be great.  Sorry for the rush, but it’s a last minute deal.
Thanks and take care,
Hola! You need title and registration on all vehicles crossing the border IF YOU GET THE RED LIGHT, and you could get the green light…then be asked to show your papers.

Ok Sandy, thanks a bunch. I think we are going to try to cross with title, plate, and Arizona OHV sticker for the two motorcycles, (dirt bikes).  I don’t know how everyone else is getting their off road toys down there that are not street legal.  In Arizona now, off road vehicles that aren’t street legal have to have that “OHV” sticker that is like an off-road vehicle registration.  Hopefully that will suffice.  I’ll let you know what happens so that you can update your file info if you want.  A few months ago, we tried to cross with a Bronco that had a license plate, title, and a temporary use registration and they wouldn’t let us cross. I talked to Tom about it.  We had to go clear to San Luis to cross.  They stopped us in San Luis at the border, but upon checking our paperwork they let us cross with no problem, and they were very polite and pleasant, much unlike the #%^@ in Lukeville/Sonoita. Thanks again and take care,
Yes, let us know. They asked for our registration, yesterday, for the Hummer…THEN ASKED FOR MY PASSPORT! That was a first, in 23 years!

Hi, I tried to come by your office today to place an ad. The streets are so torn up that I could not get there. I there any other way to submit an ad and pay for it. I need it to go in September and October.
Lori Aker-Ramirez
Hi Lori, you can get thru by driving to Calle 14 (the street north of Calle 13), then left towards Balboas Restaurant @ the Muelle, and left on Calle 12. And left on Pino Suarez to our offices. Calle 12 is being repaired but you can still get thru.

Thank you. Alicia actually emailed me about getting my ad into your next edition.
Lori Aker-Ramirez

You’ve been sending the Times free. Hey there is no free lunch. I know that. Lui did not just get bounced off the potato truck. Molly is off to a child’s birthday party, and I sat  down and read the July edition from cover to cover. You can be so proud of your paper.  It sure makes me sad I’m not there to be a part of all that’s going on. What did I get turning the pages?  So much respect and love you’re getting in the way of feedback and writers. Lannette has become a skilled, polished writer.  That case she made for Nicolas Armendariz-be sure and call him even for brain surgery. How about the accolades she had for Nancy Phelan. What a great gal. Lannette should write that book maybe with a warning for only those over twenty. I’m promised to be her biographer. In the July paper her biography sketch told the truth—you stole that poor gal. Now I know what I didn’t know about Arizona thanks to your paper. You remember how I loved Lily’s. I noticed the name mentioned for Italian food. Different owners probably and a different time. “Lui,” you say grow up and quit living in a time that use to be. The time to come will be even better.”(don’t lie to your old friend) Love you as you well know
Love you too, Lui…from all of us!

Thank you very much for your information. I hope all is well at the hospital.
Chere Gianforte

Thanks Sandra! As always your paper is the place to go to for the latest and greatest!
Rhea Rustan

I read in your last edition that beef is not allowed into Mexico. Been coming down there for years bringing my steaks and never knew that! Maybe that and any other rules should be added to your “Crossing the Border” section. We are starting to buy more locally in RP now to support the economy. Hope the Sam’s Club isn’t hurting the local shops too much. Six weeks and counting till our next visit!
Tracy Paul Gruber
I know, on and off again. Now we have a local Agri office in Sonoyta, so NO BEEF…but as you prob know, we have the best beef here in Sonora. Thank you for your offer of help with Tom going into hospital on the 13th of July. He is still there, unfortunately.

Beautiful picture, we are all going to Puerto Peñasco on Sept.26 and leave Oct. 02, can’t wait, it’s only 6 hours from Cottowood, Az.
Arthur Mendez

Best place to be. Puerta Privada our home at the beach in Rocky Point.
Beth Crane




Does anyone out there know the name of the hotel that is next to MANNY’S Beach Club????
Chere Gianforte
Next to Manny’s Beach Club would be the Baja Hotel & Cantina, there’s another across the street, then down a bit are the Hotel Mirador on the beach and the Hotel Granada del Mar

Hello Sandra! Have so much to share with you, starting with your August RPT issue, just so inspiring, starting with an article by Rob Baylor, talking about how he spends his days in Rocky Point, makes me feel like I can just pack my bags and go! next the awesome article by Anita Kaltenbaugh, “Beach Therapy” you know what that does to some of us that live here in the states? I liked the article so much that I cut it out and I’m saving it, that’s how much I love Rocky Point, the beach, sand, the PEOPLE that live there, as she finished her article by posting a quote. “It’s hard for me to put into words why I like the beach so much. Everything about it is renewing for me, almost like therapy…Beach Therapy.” by Amy Dykens. have a great day, and keep up the good work, happiness is reading the Rocky Point Times for me.
Amalia Mendoza Cueto

Ahhh… Peñasco…
Anda Dillon


The same thing happened to me last month when I got the, “RED LIGHT”. They did not even look into the truck. The names agreed on my Passport and car registration, and I was told OK to enter Mexico.
Marcie Breaux Johnson
You just never know, do you?

Love this newspaper!!!! Always look forward to the next edition!
Marilyn Loos Haney