Dear Rocky Point Times Newspaper

A group of us are trying to spark interest in people coming back down to Rocky Point this fall. We had our first tour on June 18th and we had Rosie Glover and Russ Black conduct the “city tour” portion. Now that we have one under our belt we are ready to proceed with many more this fall. Hopefully we can get the stores and beaches filled this fall!

Jerry Ketelhut

Phoenix, Arizona

Great news Jerry! We have included an article about “Si Peñasco Your Bus” in this edition. Best of luck!


I have a question for you….where do I find a phone that would allow me to call work and such back home from Rocky Point? I have Sprint and they do not provide service there. Isn’t there some temporary phone that I could buy??? And I would like to tell you how much I love my subscription to the Times. And I think I will bring dog and cat food for Nancy and will find out what is needed for the Two Fish Ministry – luv both causes. If you can think of what I could do to help – anything – let me know. I could bring kids clothes if needed – anything!

Mary Kingsbury

Mary – The best solution is a MagicJack or Vonage VOIP that you can use with your computer or laptop provided you have a decent internet connection. This is by far the most efficient and cheapest way to go as all calls to Canada and the U.S. are free (with MagicJack) and very low rates for calling other countries. You can take it wherever you travel and the number follows you and you can even get your voicemail messages emailed to you. TelCel is also a solution as they have pay as you go phones so you can purchase the minutes when you need to use them. The “Amigo” kits run around $25 USD more or less and they often have promos that include air time. Another solution is the AT&T Viva Mexico Plan. A great plan if you travel back and forth. You get a lot of minutes to use in the U.S. or Rocky Point and you can send and receive calls in either country with no problemos! Our daughter has it and she says it is great and she never uses up the minutes, which roll over.

Dear Sandy:

I just spoke with Alicia about this and she asked me to please e-mail the info. The subscription is now under the name of B Piggott. Rog and I took Bruce and Kathy to Rocky Point the winter of 2010. They fell in love with it and started the subscription up before they left at the end of March 2010. We all come to Rocky Point with our RV’s and stay at Playa de Oro. They were not able to come to this past winter – 2011. They had hoped to come for the next 10 years, but a problem has come up and they are selling their RV so, sadly, no more Rocky Point trips. Rog and I paid for this year’s subscription in April/May, but kept it in their name hoping they would only miss this year. Now that we know they will not be returning, they want us to change the name and address back to us as it breaks their hearts to even get the paper L. Alicia said that she would confirm this back to us. Thank you for your help on this and we look forward to being back in your wonderful town this coming January for two months.

M. Steketee

Estes Park, CO

We have changed the subscription, as you requested. And we are truly sorry to hear that your friends will not be able to make the trip to Rocky Point any longer.


Do you know of any business that either scans or forwards mail from USA address to a Puerto Peñasco address? That is reputable? I was looking at moving to Rocky Point, but absolutely need to get my US mail there somehow, and this is preventing me from moving there.



Everyone here has a PO Box in either in Lukeville, AZ (at the border) or Ajo, AZ (approx. 40 min. from the border). Burrito Express supplies weekly mail service (3 times per week) from Rocky Point to Lukeville, AZ. They charge $30 USD for personal mail (more for businesses). They are bilingual and you can contact them at (011-52-638) 383-8460. We do not recommend using the Mexico Postal System if you want to get your mail delivered to you in Puerto Peñasco.


The August Rocky Point Times just arrived. It was like old times, slowly turning the pages. I’m thinking, “Thanks Mr. Johnny Calamari for your kind words. I’ve known you and your wife Janet a very long time.”

There was one piece that brought back something that I thought I’d almost lost. A few sentences can write a whole book in the memory of my mind…Love is timeless and never stops.

Thanks Sandy for being there.

Lots of Love,

Lonesome Lui

Lots of Love back to you, Lui!