Are there sunset cruises currently in Peñasco? Just show up to get one? Or is there a website or something?

Jeni O’Callaghan


Yes we have Rey del Mar, a great PIRATE SHIP…just Google Rocky Point Boat Charters to see what you like.


Hi – I just recently subscribed to the RP Times but have been reading the paper for many months. In the February 2013 issue Tom O’Hare talked about his great experience with the office of Dr. Grijalva and listed his phone number. I did call it but got a recording in Spanish. I must admit that’s where I got lost. Does Dr. Grijalva have an email address per chance?? Or another means of contacting the office? Would appreciate any help you can give. Looking forward to receiving the next issue of RPTimes!

Sonja Guss


Mario got your message on the answering machine, and he will be calling you back, so you must have done fine with the message in Spanish!


Hello: We had been hearing about the baby boomers event that is supposed to be there the end of April. We just got out copy of the Rocky Point Times and haven’t seen anything about it. Can you tell us if it is still in the schedule? We come down from Colorado and hope not to miss it. Thank you.

Greg and Dena Schick


We haven’t reported anything in the Rocky Point Times because there is nothing to report, as yet. Last we heard, BOOMERFEST has been ‘re-scheduled’ for sometime this fall. Thank you for being a RPT reader! You can always check our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page…we will report there first.


We just returned from another great trip to Rocky Point, and noticed your new article on “Finding Paradise”. What a novel and inspiring idea! Below, please find a “Letter to the Editor” of the Rocky Point Times that we sent in October, 2012. Unfortunately, it was not published. Perhaps, you may be able to mention this little piece of paradise in one of the upcoming editions. We are confident that if you eat at La Cita Café, you will make sure to tell your friends about it.


Hola! Yes, this was published in our January issue page 54. Thanks for Writing.



Rocky Point Times, please have a subscription for the Rocky Point Times sent to us at the following address.

Jeffray Jorgewson

Paradise Valley, AZ


Enclosed check to renew my subscription. What a pleasure to keep up with the ever changing happening in Rocky Point!! Cholla Bay has been my “Home away from house” some over fish visit (a camping trip) in 1947 – Five generations (a 6th on the way) have enjoyed our second home and continue to cherish our love for Cholla and its surroundings.

Jean Troxell


Cornville, AZ

Hi Sandra, thanks for the great paper! It’s always so informative and has lots of interesting articles, about our favorite vacation destination! I’ve been coming down since 2005; multiple times a year…I have a friend who lives here now. You may remember a few years ago when I wrote to you about the 31/2 year old who had crossed eyes; my friends and I did fund raising and drove him and his mom and aunt to Hermosillo where he had surgery by a bilingual pediatric ophthalmologist! His eyes are much better now (I visit him out at the Invasion where he lives). I last saw him in January, and asked him mom if he’d started kindergarten yet (he’s now 5 1/2 I think). Well he did start, but it turns out he has “selective autism”…He will only speak to his mother or brother, and only if they’re alone…So the teachers said he has to go to that “Special School”, The Escuela La Montaña. I was wondering if you tell me where it is. I’ll be down again on 3/24 for 4 days, and would like to visit it if possible. Do you know if they have any special teachers there for this condition? Selective autism, from what I’ve read on the internet, is an anxiety disorder, usually treated with one-on-one therapy (but in the presence of the mother. Do you know of any child psychologist in town? I could pay for therapy if he needs extra, more than what could be provided at the school. I thought if anyone would know of resources in town, it’d be you! My Spanish is passable, but I’m by no means bilingual (I only married into a Hispanic last name!) Thanks for any help you could give. Thanks.

Jennifer Cordova


Thank you for the great paper each month. I really enjoy keeping up in things down there when we are up here (Idaho).

Julie R.


Dalton Gardens, Idaho

Now that Reggies is closed where can you get a Breakfast Burrito to go? Also tried to go to the Aquarium and it hasn’t been open is it gone also?

Chuck Fischl


Oh my! You and Tom are missing the Reggies burrito already! There are many “Taco” stands who make breakfast burritos, go look!


I had a wonderful experience this last week at Sandy Beach Medical Clinic. Everyone speaks English and the facility is clean and first class. Dr. Gonzalez has taken great care of me and my kids.

Missy Crawley


Scott wrote: “Thank you for the reply and the help. We had left before I was able to check back on FB. Yes, we did get our ride. Finished the trek through the Pinacates early on Thursday at the visitors center. Very difficult trek through some of the most remote country I’ve ever seen. BTW the new visitor’s center is fabulous! Spent Thurs night at the Peñasco del Sol hotel drinking margaritas and celebrating our crossing of the Gran Desierto de Altar.

Scott Lunt


How cool! We have been there many times…always in a vehicle, though. Good for you!

Of course!! I liked the Rocky Point Times Newspaper Page because Cholla Bay feels like my second home 😀

Karlene Quattlebaum


Thank you! We are OVER 3,000 ‘Likes’ on our FB Page already!


Sandra this IS the perfect fortune! And you picked the most perfect time to share this as that pleasure will come for me and my family Thursday afternoon. PERFECT! 😀 See you at the seashore.

Lynnette Gutierrez


“FORTUNES AWAIT YOU AT THE SEASHORE” was the saying from the fortune cookie.


Foto seleccionada para ser la portada del periódico The Rocky Point Times del mes de abril, muchas gracias Sandra O’Hare. Thank you for choosing one of my photos for The Rocky Point Times cover for this month, I just realized today! 🙂



The April cover photo is Perfecto!


Love your magazine online.

Gary Hann


Thank You!!! We NEVER, EVER thought, 20 years ago, that you would be reading our paper online!!!


Thank you! So nice to make your acquaintance! Maybe someday we will meet in Puerto Peñasco. Out trip fell through, I missed the good airfares. We will come another time. I will contact the person you suggested for our next trip though. Our big extended family and friends visit as often as we can. Thanks for your Facebook page info…It’s delightful to hear about the whales when there is snow outside!

Stacey Barnhill


What are the open hours for RPT’s?

John Cuevas


Rocky Point Times Office is Open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM.


July 20!! Can’t wait for some sun…sand…water!

Anna Xtina Meneses


In July, you will get a lot of SUN with your Sand and Water!!


I am trying to remember the name of a resort we stayed at a few years back. Do you know what the resort is called between…Princesa De Peñasco and Sonoran Sea resort?

Leslie Hooper Smith


The resort between the Princesa and the Sea, is the Sonoran Spa Resort


Oooooo…Vegas!! This is the new airport close to us out here in Playa Encanto…will keep an eye on the price of a flight!

DebJo MSki


Supposed to begin in June of this year!


We were just there @ Pink Cadillac 2 weeks ago- we stayed across the street at El Mirador- Was Very nice and we got to bring our dogs too!

Cindy Leonhardt


Oh, cool. Thanks for the heads-up, we didn’t know Mirador was pet friendly.


When I was in PP a year or so ago, I was staying out past the police station towards the Pink Cadillac. I would walk over to the bar on the beach at Vino del Mar, I believe. Anyway, they were serving on tap a new amber beer and I can’t remember the name of it. The bartender said you could get it in bottle in MX City but only keg elsewhere in country. Anybody know the name? It was to die for! I enjoyed many a sunset sipping good beer and running my toes through the sand!

Patricia Bird


I cannot figure out where you were? BUT if it was more than 2 years ago, it would have been an ice cold Indio that was being served. Indio is now sold in Rocky Point in bottles.


I couldn’t really find much on that site mainly because there is not a lot in English…I was more concerned about packaged products or anything opened already…Fruits and vegetables caught me by surprise as I didn’t think they were a problem. We do buy a lot down there just some things are more of a personal choice. Like I said, I have been coming to RP for 40 years even before there were any resorts down there. Things have changed a lot and I can go with the flow…some people in our party are just really stressed about it all and what they can bring…thanks so much for all of your help

Karen Butler Guy


Buy your beef when you get to Rocky Point! Don’t pack any vegs/fruits…ours are better here, anyway. You won’t have problems with a package of breakfast rolls, or an open box of cereal. What are your friends most concerned about?


Hi, Thank you for your like, sure I will let you know. Now we are a restaurant bar and we are open from 12 to 10 pm and our menu is seafood, pizza, wings, burgers snacks etc and we are a family restaurant and on the weekends we will have live music late night, for sure we are going to get an ad in your newspaper…Thank you so much.

Caribbean Parrot


Cool! Tom and I will have to drop by to see you there on Sinaloa! SandyO


This is fantastic, I just read your great April edition down here in Auckland New Zealand, now I can keep up to date with one of my favorite places in the world, awesome job.

Michele MacKenzie


How cool! Yes, read RPTimes online now.


Could someone please tell me the name of the pirate ship company and the info so I can finally do it when I come back down. My family and I have a beach house east of town and have been coming down for 15 years!

Kate Barnhill


Sure! The Pirate Ship Reservations can be made by phone 383 5490 or @ Balboa’s Restaurant at the Marina!!



Thanks for responding so quickly! Yes, a real estate (ReMax) agent, she said she resides in Rocky Point; she told us about it, she had to go to Hermosillo, to get her paper work up to date. She advised us of this…FM3’s are out. We called Douglas, AZ Consulate…they confirmed FM3’s are out…now Visas are in. We plan to go to Douglas next week, and get the current information. Our FM3 had expired, so we wanted to get it updated, when we called them about renewing the FM3, they said, FM3’s are out…but bring it in with other things…like a bank statement…etc. We will let you know what we find out in Douglas, AZ… sometime this week. But Gretchen has already gone through this…Best regards…and are you getting the wind we are getting? 40 -60 mph Cochise County (Sierra Vista)

Bryant & Deb Ballard


Yes, this is new law as of 11/12…SINCE YOUR FM3 HAS EXPIRED. If you still had a CURRENT FM2 or FM3, it would still be good (until it’s next expiration date). The FM2 and FM3’s are being phased out, for a more convenient ‘card’. Yes, we have known Gretchen for many, many years. She gave you good information…I just always want to know the whole story before I answer a question like this, and you did just that. I think you are on the right track!



We’re heading your way for a week Monday then were planning to head to Yuma for a cycle rally. Should we skip the new highway and go all the way up to Gila Bend and over? Seems like trouble every time I try to go through San Luis.

Tracy Paul Gruber


I don’t have trouble getting through @ San Luis (except one time, years ago, when our car overheated on a weekend night). Lannette went through today, I’ll ask her when she gets back. Who knows? You never know how busy it will be.


Got the paper the next day, neighbors are waiting for me to finish reading it. I told them I digest every word, especially CHEF MICKEYS.

Edward Swafford