Spring break followed by Easter week in Rocky Point is something like Honey Boo Boo followed by Octomom. Both are equally outrageous, but you just can’t stop yourself from looking.


You may think that when the big yearly events are over, Rocky Point returns to its lazy, small-town fishing village personality. Fat chance. There’s still plenty of fun stuff going on. I don’t know where they find the energy, but some people can’t sit still for a minute. Like Louie. You remember my Greek friend who has offered visitors and locals everything from fishing charters to Rocky Point’s first Greek restaurant? Well, he’s at it again.


CAP’N GREG: What is it this time? A sunset cruise with baklava and bowling?


LOUIE: Well, we still have baklava, but El Greco’s Gyros is mainly Greek fast food.


CAP’N GREG: So where are you located?


LOUIE: Corner of 19th and Plutarco Elias.


CAP’N GREG: Could you be more specific?


LOUIE: Cross the tracks on Calle 13, and turn right before Peñasco del Sol, go six blocks, look for the smiling couple in the blue aprons under the covered patio.


CAP’N GREG: Wait. You serve food and smile, too? What a concept.


LOUIE: Kim and I do our best.


CAP’N GREG: What’s on the menu?


LOUIE: Good, honest food. Gyros and chicken plates, Greek salad. National Hebrew brand hotdogs, and I do burgers, too. All the trimmings you want, and much more.


CAP’N GREG: But what if I’m thirsty?


LOUIE: I sell Cokes and water, but you can supply your own adult refreshments if you want.


CAP’N GREG: Hours?


LOUIE: Food this good has a narrow window of opportunity. El Greco’s is open Thursday to Sunday, 11 AM to 7 PM. Orders-to-go at 638-112-9692.


CAP’N GREG: Do I get a free meal for writing this?


LOUIE: Opa! Not in your wildest dreams.