semana-Santa-en-Puerto-Penasco-29They’re back, baby! The economy has recovered from the crash of 2008, and the tourists have returned to Peñasco. (My crash was in 1972, but that’s a story for another time.) As I have reported for a lot of years, bars and restaurants in Rocky Point come and go. That is mostly due to owners who do the same. When I first came here you could buy a beer and three tacos for a buck fifty. You could also camp free and drive your dune buggy 2700 miles an hour on Sandy Beach. Eventually, supply and demand raised prices, and common sense trumped batcrap crazy. Today, you can eat and drink at reasonable prices, and Sandy Beach is free of motorized mayhem. Dick and Dottie of Green Valley asked me what to expect on their inaugural south of the border trip.

DICK: Do they speak English?

CAP’N GREG: By “they” I assume you mean Mexicans who live in Mexico. Yes, they speak English, plus Italian and a number of Greek dialects. But it’s more fun if you learn a few Spanish phrases, like “Donde esta el baño?”

DOTTIE: What does that mean?

CAP’N GREG: It translates as, “Please wash my car.”

DICK: That’s good to know.

DOTTIE: Is it difficult to order food?

CAP’N GREG: Actually, many places have menus with pictures of the food next to the prices, so all you have to do is point.

DOTTIE: Just like McDonald’s! But I’m particular about where my food comes from. Do they raise free-range chickens?

CAP’N GREG: Yes. In fact, you may see some walking by your hotel room.

DICK: I understand I need a passport to get into Mexico.

CAP’N GREG: No, you can travel to Rocky Point without a passport, but you will definitely need one to get back to the U.S.

DOTTIE: That seems odd.

CAP’N GREG: Tell me about it.

DICK: And car insurance?

CAP’N GREG: You have to buy special insurance before you cross the border. Otherwise, if you’re in an accident, you will be paying big bucks to a burrito.

DOTTIE: Burrito?

CAP’N GREG: That’s Spanish for attorney.

DICK: This has been really enlightening, Cap’n Greg. We can’t wait for the adventure.

DOTTIE: Will you wish us a safe trip in that marvelous language they use?

CAP’N GREG: Of course. Vayan con cebollas!