Cap’n Greg’s first visit to Mexico was in 1966. I was in Navy boot camp in San Diego, and Tijuana was right next door. Contrary to what the Kinston Trio sang, I did not go to a gambling spot where the liquor flowed, and the dice were hot. Instead, I took a bus to Ensenada. It cost 32 cents. I shared the ride with caged chickens, cooked and uncooked food and some of the friendliest people I have ever met. One peso was worth about 8 cents. Three pesos would buy two tacos and a beer. A hotel room that included dinner and breakfast was $1.50. I hitchhiked from Ensenada to Tecate where I bought a guitar for 225 pesos ($18!) from the man who made it, and I still have it. My long-time love affair with Mexico includes half a dozen stays in Cozumel, Mazatlán, Akumal, Puerto Vallarta, San Carlos. And, of course, so many weeks and weekends in Puerto Peñasco than I can’t even count that high. While today it takes considerately more pesos to finance the fun than it did 58 years ago, it’s well worth every dollar. After you discover your favorite Rocky Point hangouts, you’ll quickly realize that one or two visits a year are not nearly enough. Cap’n Greg urges you to start (or continue) your own love affair with Mexico. Book your Peñasco getaway today. Meanwhile, don’t send my mail to the Tijuana jail.