I really enjoy your paper and I am looking forward to getting it at home.

P.S. Happy to get last month issue to star but you might now be able to do that. So start me when you can.

Linda Keller

I am buying this for my buddy who had a home in Cholla but had to relocate,


James Primrose
Chandler, AZ

Thank you for subscribing to our newspaper, and the subscription for your friend!

Do you know if there have been any changes at the border? The last time I checked, the food being taken IN to Mexico was being confiscated. I really don’t want to try to take a honey glazed ham, only to lose it. Thank you.

Vickie Holder

We haven’t heard anybody, lately, mentioning FOOD being confiscated at the border coming INTO Mexico. They say No meat, dairy, poultry, fresh vegetables, or fresh fruit…BUT we crossed (and got the RED light) with SMALL AMOUNTS of deli meats, cheese, olives, cherries, wine, milk and breads. We were inspected, no problem. Only asked to show car registration. It is just like crossing INTO USA, always a crapshoot! 

Hey guys!

Enclosed are a couple photos of us trying to “go the distance” posing in front of the run-off of Chilkat Glacier (in the background) outside of Skagway Alaska.

The picture was taken a few days ago, and it was a lot cooler there than I’m sure it was at our house in Cholla Bay!


Jeff Hunt & Staci Foster
Chandler, AZ

Thanks for sending the pictures. Wish we were all in Alaska with you!