American Legion Post MX15 would like to thank the VFW Post 9399 in Apache Junction, Az, Commander Bob Stark and the men’s Aux for the donation of food and clothes and $100 worth of peanut butter. All this will be distributed to our hungry needy families through our food fund program.

Art and Emy Bernol brought the donations down and helped in our program.


Robin Baylor


Just a suggestion…if anyone is planning a food donation, what they can use is fresh fruits and veggies so if possible we should maybe check into shopping at the produce stand on Sinaloa over by La Curva Restaurant for fresh produce.
Mark Olszewski

Buena idea, Mark.


The Sheriff’s units seem much more active the last few months, must be trying to raise funds for something. My radar detector saves me a ticket nearly every trip lately. 
Aaron R.

Forgot I had a radar detector in my car. Guess I’ll get it out. Of course I don’t speed, anyway. (ever…LOL)


Nearly every time we come into Why from Phoenix headed to Rocky Point, there is Sheriff tucked in there, just south of the Border Patrol Checkpoint. So maybe you’re all lucky!
Debbie Christofferson

Remember follow the SPEED LIMIT SIGNS in USA and Mexico!!!


No problem…If you need to know anything about our sailing events in Rocky Point, please feel free to contact me. The website to our sailing fleet is I’ll be doing an update to the website later this week to talk about our past event in Rocky Point and let everyone know what a GREAT time it was there. 
Scott Agan

If you will send us the information and pics, we will support you in the RPTimes


Dear Tom and Sandy:

I have told myself many times to sit down and write you concerning a writer you have on staff; now I believe I’m finally going to do it. Her name is Anita Kaltenbaugh and I have grown to look for her writings concerning Peñasco in your paper. As you know, Judy and I have been coming here for 28 years and then almost three years ago, we moved down full time. The first article “Mexico is a country” in your April issue was tremendous and right on, then she writes a follow up in your May issue “Greece meets Mexico”. Wow, she is one great author, but even more so a great person that knows PP extremely well. Please tell her we really enjoy her comments concerning what we now consider our “home town”.


 Judy and Al Singleton

We totally agree. We are very fortunate, as a local family-owned tourist newspaper, to have Anita as a contributing writer…as well as our many other friends who, each month, take time out of their busy schedules to write just for us, the Rocky Point Times Newspaper!!!!


My husband and I are thinking of spending our first anniversary in Rocky Point.
Kimberly Kernodle Smith
Yes, I think your hubby said, “Toes in the Sand and Tequila Time”.


Just got done reading your paper…really enjoyed it! I will be down here for a couple of months so was good to have all the info you guys have put together for this beautiful place!
Lindy Jacobsen
WOW, a couple of months…LUCKY YOU! AND, Thank you for the nice words.

I got zapped last year at the first US Checkpoint going home…those speed limit signs are not AZDOT legal, but it would have cost me as much to take it to court as to take the driver safety class….and with a Justice of the Peace (no legal background) risked losing. Thursday when I was coming down, there were 2 deputies each with a vehicle.
Now that we’ve posted the warning about the Sheriff’s unit parked around the Border Patrol Checkpoint just south of Why…everyone is telling their stories. Can’t believe we never heard any of them before!

Hi Sandra, Well I like Facebook to keep up on the real RP, the positive Mexico experience that I know & love 🙂
I know, FB is an absolutely AMAZING tool for the Rocky Point Times Newspaper.

I’m very happy to have both of you on my friends list…you’ve both contributed greatly to our cause. Gracias.
Mark O.
Always happy to help, anywhere we can. ADOPT-A-CLASSROOM is such a good cause. (

Can you tell us what the weather is really like in September in Mexico, we want to go to Cancun, or the Baja Peninsula. After Rocky Point of course!
Kimberly Kernodle Smith
September is still hot and humid, with the nights…perfect…OR you might be here when we get one our weather flips, and the nice cool breeze hits your face when you open the door.

Still hoping to catch the “green flash” when we are down there!
Heather Rutherford
We have been watching for the “green flash” since we came to Rocky Point in 1990. But, we still BELIEVE!

Thanks for your paper, it’s very useful. I like it a lot.
Bayad Bzha
Glad to have your readership.

Can you speak to the increase and/or more attention being paid to speeding on our way down?? I know of two people recently stopped JUST outside of Sonoyta (right past the Red Cross donation stop…by the dump). They were presented with a $425 citation to pay at the police station, but were both let off with a $40 “fine” directly to the officer. Just want people to be VERY aware of their speed and was wondering if you were aware of anything you could share with us…especially given the masses about to decent upon you for Circus Mexicus. Looks like a good opportunity for the Sonoyta police officers to make BANK! 🙂
Kathy Ruthrauff
NO, NO, NO! NEVER PAY CASH TO AN OFFICER ON THE STREET!! Would you offer to do that in the States? Tell your friends to follow the speed limit signs, and remember they are in Mexico, and the speed is in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour. We have posted continuously on our RPTimes Facebook Page, we have put a ‘WARNING’ ad in the paper, we have written about this many, many times in our Editorials. I guess we’ll cover it again, for the June issue. (PS…A $425usd ‘citation’? Don’t think so. Probably in pesos, since it is Mexico.) AND take care in the US, especially follow the signs coming towards any checkpoint as there may be a Sheriff’s unit parked back in the brush.

Years ago, we had the Rocky Point Times Newspaper mailed to us, I need to start that again. It’s one of the first things I look for when we get down there.
Kellie Cambron
You can subscribe again, easily, by visiting our Website at, and clicking on ‘Subscription’ to print the form.

Hi Sandy, our home is in Cholla and I will say I have trouble finding a copy of your RPTimes. If we stop at UETA, the duty free store at Lukeville on our way down…….that is where I normally find one! 🙂 Also read online. 🙂 Great newspaper!
Marilyn Loos Haney
Thanks for reading our paper. I know, they go FAST!

FYI to the Rocky Point rental pools. They are their own worst enemies with the strict rules on pets. Most of my friends have dogs, and owners can’t even give permission if they want to remain in the pool. Just in case you run into any condo owners whining about the downturn in tourism.
Craig Penrod
We totally agree. Don’t forget about Casa de Carolina and the Baja Hotel and Cantina in the Mirador, and SeaSide Reservations has beach homes which are ‘Pet Friendly’. 

Dear Tom: We are long term Sonoran renters and are just leaving for the summer months…next Friday, May 25th. When we are here, my wife volunteers at Casa Hogar, home for the elderly.  The sisters would never ask for anything for themselves….yet we notice they need new hosiery for summer. I would like to order them on my Amazon account this weekend, if possible, and pay for them and have them mailed to you at your Lukeville address.  When you receive them, if someone was ever down that way…could drop them off for the 2 sisters there. I deeply appreciate this, and so will the sisters!  No problem, if you can’t.
Alex Lawrence
Sonoran Sun
Absolutely! No problem, at all. Mail them to Casa Hogar % Rocky Point Times Newspaper at our P.O. Box 887, Lukeville, AZ 85341, we will make sure that they get delivered for you. How thoughtful of you!
Dear Alicia: Thank you so much for your kindness.  I had to get someone real quick as I am leaving soon.  Pastor Gray and his wife, Ellen, will receive them at their Lukeville address and deliver then to the sisters. I bless the Lord for people like you who care.
Kathleen Lawrence

Hi Sandra and Tom; I want to thank you for publishing the article about Young Life in Puerto Peñasco.  The kids in this town have been working hard to raise the funds needed to attend a beautiful camp in July at Rancho Bitinia in Santa Ana.  They have held car washes, are serving as waiters for wedding events, will be grilling hamburgers with soda and fries at Numeros parking lot on June 2nd.  They will also be having a secondhand sale in the parking lot that day. We are hoping some people, after reading the article, might become donators to help the kids in this town.  In addition, a new youth center is opening near No Reeleccion and Constitution across from the old Las Palomas World Wide Group building.  This will be a place for teenagers to hang out, in addition to serving as the club location for Young Life.  Thanks for helping us get the word out.  There are many vacationers and part time Rocky Pointers who have a connection with Young Life in the states.  It’s so great to have an influence down here.  Thanks again…Your paper is great!!! 
Dottie Homeyer, Oak Brook, IL.
Thank You! Hey, why don’t I post the June 2nd event on our Rocky Point Times Facebook Page? Just last week we reached 4,891 unique people! I am sure it would help.

Sandra…my son and I will be there in June…Michael and I have seen some great pictures of the dishes from Sushi Sun…do they speak any English?
Patricia Newton Medrano
Yes, English is spoken at Sushi Sun. Actually, nowadays English is spoken at all (?) of the restaurants in Rocky Point, and a lot of the taco/hot dog/burrito stands.

Sushi Sun Peñasco is a great place… Barb and I have known Carmen and Lizzette since they opened long ago in Old Port…Lizzette speaks fluent English as do some of the waiters and waitresses… they have an awesome buffet but it gets awfully crowded when they do have it because it is so awesome… They have a great Japanese menu not just sushi… I know you’ll be happy you tried it.
Mark Olszewski

Wait, wait. wait…Hold the presses! A Rocky Point Times came out on or BEFORE the first of the month? What’s with all this new found efficiency over there? 🙂
Aaron Rand
Don’t you LOVE IT? Just like the Olden Days, huh?


Hello Sandra…. I just picked up the June edition of the Rocky Point Times because I wanted to see the ad for “Esperanza para los Niños” Wish List that Thomas Syvertsen has put together, Thank You for the very nice ad…But as I paged through the rest of the pages my jaw dropped when I noticed the nearly full page article about Barb and I that was published in the Sonoran Resorts Blog…Thank You ever so much… Barb and I are truly grateful for your support.

Mark Olszewski
The Rocky Point Times is always ready to support a good cause.


The Lighthouse is my absolute favorite restaurant in Rocky Point! Be sure to order the Mexican coffee at sunset! It’s a show in itself and delish! :o)

Beth Harper Garcia

Gona go there for another Birthday Dinner, Yeah!