The XX’th Roger Clyne and the Peace Makers “Circus Mexicus” was an event to remember. Now a Rocky Point Tradition, Roger Clyne and his band put on a Great Show. Their faithful fans didn’t miss the chance to see the Peacemakers in the largest concert of the year, for our town, and play on a beautiful weekend by the white sands and blues seas. The concert went on with more songs than ever, for hours full of great music and energy as the group gave it all to their fans for a memorable twentieth concert!

We can see how the town is improving by the size of the crowds, and it sure was a healthy crowd at the concert with several thousand people having fun, enjoying music and making good memories with family and friends.
Once again I Invited Bill Hindenburg to write about his experience just before he left town for another 11 months of the Chicago suburbs:

“I had the occasion, on June 11, 2011 to accompany my friends at Rita, Tommy and Mike to the Roger Clyne concert, which I had been given to understand has become a tradition in Puerto Peñasco over the course of many years.

I must confess that heretofore I had not been an aficionado of rock concerts; but I can say now, without a doubt, that you, my friends, may consider me a new convert. A new convert, if not to a steady diet of rock concerts, then certainly as a new convert to Mr. Clyne and his music.

It is important to note here that when I speak of Mr. Clyne and his music I speak not only of him and his music but of the milieu, the atmosphere, the ambience accompanying his music and lyrics.

Men and women who write their own lyrics and music are, I believe, becoming a rara avis in the music industry, especially those who have manifested this gift over many years. While that makes Roger Clyne a standout in and of itself, what lends itself toward that rarity, indeed almost uniqueness, is Roger and his group’s keen sense and ability to maintain and renew old relationships and build new relationships as an almost natural outgrowth of their shows.

I do not mean this in a stereotypical sense of raving, lunatic fans, nearly out of control and on the verge of wreaking havoc at any given moment. What I mean, is the clearly identified, indeed, almost palpable give-and-take between the Peacemakers and the crowd.

Of course, I was aware of the more than adequate selection of hottie-pattaties optimizing the logistical flow behind-the-scenes. But when Roger and his group took the stage it was almost immediately evident that, not only would this be an enjoyable evening, it would be an evening to remember.

I cannot say, of course, that I know Roger personally. But, his ability to maintain a nonverbal dialogue with his crowd while at the same time playing and singing his wonderful music led me to feel as though, if I did know him, he would be a gracious man, and one with whom it would be easy to speak. He and his group seemed like the kind of people I would want to sit at a bar stool with and knock back a couple of beers, or couple of shots.
I came to a fuller appreciation of the peaceful atmosphere that Roger and his group catalyze during the course of their concerts.

And it is for that Roger Clyne and the peacemakers, that I thank you. A perfect size crowd, sincere in their appreciation of your talents, a band that is willing to take the time over many years to foster relationships with that crowd, a perfect night with a star crusted dome for roof, and an opportunity to cement friendships. What more could one ask for in a short space of for five hours?

As you can see, my friends, I have not addressed the music itself. That has been done by many others. It, of course, was great. It was but one element, albeit an important one in an evening which can only be described as synergy personified.

Thank you Mr. Clyne, all your fans, my gracious hosts Tommy and Rita for an evening to remember.

And I can say with a degree of assuredness that I look forward to seeing you next year.

William Hindenburg