Summer has arrived along with more puppies and kittens. They come from all parts of the city – Las Conchas, Sandy Beach, Cholla Bay , the desert and the highway. So many mouths to feed and medical needs to be met.

Please help us get through the summer which is a very difficult time for the animals with fewer visitors coming to Rocky Point in the summer months. Please drop a check in the mail : AACORP, PO Box 1031, Lukeville, Arizona 85341. You can also donate through Paypal on our web site

From Dr. Foster and Smith we purchased 100 vaccines for $400.00 to get the babies off to a good start. Many of them come to us in poor health and many have been abused or neglected. With lots of love, good food and medical treatment they will survive.—–But adoptions have been slow this past year so PLEASE consider adopting a new addition to your family. We have some adorable fluffy pups, Chi pups, lab mixes and a wonderful array of kittens. We will need to purchase additional vaccines in a month or so as each baby requires at least 3 vaccines.

The kittens were too young to fix during the free spay/neuter clinic but we have approximately 25 that will have surgery in the next month or so. The next free clinic will be in November and this cannot wait! Please help us cover these costs.
The feral cat population is huge in all parts of the city. Several solutions have been applied to this problem. One is to trap, neuter and release back into the area where they reside. Another is to socialize the kittens and keep them safe until they can be fixed. Due to this second solution I now have over 25 kittens that were brought to me or dumped in various locations. Another friend of ours has at least 40 plus cats and kittens to trap and fix. It is a difficult situation as I am only one person with Antonio helping several times a week. Please consider adoption a kitten or two. We are now taking them to a local Veterinarian to be spayed and/or neutered.

Sandy the Husky is doing just fine after having his eyes removed from the Glaucoma. He needs a new forever home in a cool climate. He gets along with cats and other dogs and finds his way around amazingly well.

Radar the black Lab found on the highway waiting for his owner to return is also ready for his new home. He is just a love and gets along with other dogs – cats? Not sure.


When purchasing dog food for your pet always look at the ingredients. The first ingredient is the key to the main ingredient in the food. It takes twice as much food with corn or cereal as the first ingredient to satisfy most dogs and provide the nutrients that the animals need. One should look for chicken or meat as the main ingredient. Not by-products. Of course natural food may be different if it is meatless. We find Kirkland to be the best for the price at only $25 for a 40 pound bag.

An animal should be fed at least twice a day and water should be available at all times. Feeding a dog once a day can cause a problem called twisted stomach. This is a very serious problem and can cause death. Check the Internet as I am limited in the space that I have to explain the seriousness of this problem.

Dr. Javier Morales at Chochoys Veterinarian clinic carries Kirkland dog, puppy and cat food. They also have other great brands. For directions to the clinic call 383 2338. The clinic also carries toys, beds, disinfectant , collars, leashes and other pet supplies.

Purina dry Kitten and Kirkland or ? cat dry
Cat canned food – Friskies Patte
Puppy and dog dry.
We like Kirkland cat, dog and puppy dry food from Costco and try to keep them on the same food but all brands are welcome as we feed as many animals in the city as we can.
Cleaning supplies of all kinds – paper towels, trash bags, disinfectant, laundry soap, downy, waterless hand soap
puppy replacement milk, collars and leashes, cat litter – non-clumping and cat pan liners – large.
We need to replace some of the outdoor furniture if you have some to donate !! Benches, chairs, tables and umbrellas.

We are a 501©3 Arizona Corporation and your donations are a tax deduction. We are in need of a SUV to transport to Arizona.

Thank you for donating the Kuranda dog beds. You can donate on line through paypal on our website Just go to the donate page to donate. We are located on Leon de la Barra (calle 15) #136 and are three blocks east of Blvd Juarez just behind the old Villa Granada Hotel. We are on the corner of Cuatehmoc and Leon de la Barra.

A Big thank you to all our animal loving friends – you keep us going and able to help the animals. We have one location and appreciate donations dropped off at this site. Someone is here 24/7. Please give us time to get to the gate. It may take a few minutes. Of course it is best if you can call and let us know when you are coming. Many times by the time I hear the dogs bark and head for the gate people are driving off. You can feel safe about dropping supplies over the fence but please do not leave supplies outside as they quickly disappear.

A big thank you all who are helping the animals. Please help us get through the long , hot summer !!!!