Free spay/neuter clinic this month at the Shrimp Park November 11th and 12th. Call (011-52-638) 388-5152 for more information. There will be 12–15 veterinarians volunteering their services for the two day event. Meals are needed, so if you can cook up a little something please drop it by the park. We are hoping to fix at least 200 animals. Stacey Ryan, DVM from Blue Cross clinic in Phoenix, will be volunteering her services. Big paws up to Stacey and all the veterinarians and other volunteers. Veterinarians are coming from many parts of Mexico. The city has been very successful in conducting the clinics, and it is making a huge difference in the animal population!  The Shrimp Park is located on the corner of Fremont (the road to Las Conchas) and Blvd Benito Juarez (the main street). Grab a neighbors dog and bring it for the fix! Please ask the neighbor first!

Speaking of Veterinarians Barbara C.DVM a long time visitor and animal advocate visited the center today with many wonderful supplies. Barbara has her own clinic now in Tempe – Gentle Care Animal Hospital. Eric Remen DVM also visited with an abundance of supplies. Eric’s clinic is on Hayden and Mountain View in Scottsdale. Saguaro Veterinary Clinic in Scottsdale continues to send an array of supplies with Jean and Bob Samsel. A big thanks to DVM’s Michael, Eric and Barbara.


Rules have been on the books for a while and are now being enforced. I am hearing stories of items being taken at the border coming into Mexico —meat, dairy, dog food etc. Most items that Americans need can be found in Puerto Peñasco including meat, chicken, pork and of course wonderful shrimp and fish. I have not been able to find dog food that does not have cereal or corn as the first ingredient. Pet food is twice the price in Mexico as in the US, and not very nutritional. Dr Javier at Chochoys veterinarian clinic does carry Pedegree and Kirkland puppy and dog food that he has delivered from Costco, Mexico every week. Give Javier a call at 383 2338 for directions to his clinic. He also carries Diamond pet food. I will try to find good recipes for making dog and cat food – any ideas?

Cook rice (brown is best) and then add – olive oil, chicken, cooked eggs, grains and vegetables. Or just make a good stew and add it to the rice.



We rescued three of the puppies that were dropped off in Las Conchas and they have all been adopted into great forever homes. One to Karen in Tucson, Larry in Rocky Point (pictured) and Rita Pizarro in Rocky Point (also pictured). Rita is a massage therapist and can be reached at 383-8030 for a wonderful experience. Magy Abens is fostering 4 of the abandoned pups and trying to socialize them. If you can foster a pup for Magy and socialize it so we can get it a new home please call Magy at 382-0295. We need puppy food that can be purchased at Chochoys or send a check to cover the costs of food and vaccines for all the babies. Checks to AACORP, PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. We have three tiny adorable puppies that are now ready for adoption. What are they???? Mexican puppies – fat, playful and adorable. We also have several Chihuahuas and one adorable Poodle (Sparkle).

We still have many larger dogs that are in need of their forever homes. Please consider adopting a larger dog or cat. Radar a big handsome black lab, Bobbie a sweet girl, Sam a fun loving character, Lucky a great Alpha male, Shuggs a lovable black lab, Baxter a brown and white young playful big baby and many more——–

We also have an abundance of cats and kittens. Lots of white kittens with blue eyes or with one green and one blue eye. Two little black and white loves – Nora and Dora. Quite a few tigers with wonderful and amazing markings. All the animals have been spayed/neutered and are up to date with their vaccines.


We have been at this location now for 10 years. This is the only site that we have. We are a 501©3 non-profit US corporation and your donations are tax deductable. Please help with a tax deductable monthly or one time donation. You can also donate through Paypal on our web site or mail checks made out to AACORP. PO Box 1031, Lukeville AZ 85341. Our biggest needs this month – $$$ for medicine, medical treatment and to purchase food from Chochoys. It has been a long hot summer but we did make with a little help from our two legged angels –THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HELP.

Other needs are bleach, bleach, bleach – laundry soap and Downy for the winter blankets just around the corner. Disinfectant, antibacterial waterless hand soap, small and medium collars, canned cat and kitten food, cat litter, cat litter pans with tops for the cat pan liners and of course dry cat, puppy and dog food.

If you have a vehicle to donate before the end of the year for a tax deduction please call Nancy at (602) 412-3932 or in Mexico (011-52-638) 383-1012

A BIG Paws up to all of our friends who have helped us survive a long hot summer!