It has been ten years since a small group of visitors to Rocky Point started rescuing dogs and cats. The non-profit Corporation was formed in Tucson in 2001. What a huge difference in the treatment of the animals. It is a dream come true for me and all of our animal friends. When I cross the rainbow bridge I certainly want to be where my 4 legged friends are.  How can anyone look into the eyes of a cat or dog, kitten or puppy and not believe that they have souls.

A very Merry Christmas and Holiday season to all ——Woof Woof – Meow Meow.   And a wonderful 2012!

It has been a long tough journey for the animals with many changes in the manner that they are treated. The anti-rabico center (local pound) was built in 2006 after President Fox directed the officials to build the site after the city raided me in 2005. With many outrages citing the cruelty of the animals, finally our friends in Mexico stood up and made some changes. The animals that are surrendered now are held for three days for their owners to retrieve them. They are humanely euthanized with legal injections after 3 days.. The city has free spay/neuter clinic twice a year for the locals. There are also free rabies clinics and small monthly spay/clinics and educational programs in the schools. Tomorrow and Saturday – Nov 11th and 12th we will be having a huge spay/neuter clinic at the Shrimp park and hope to do over 200 animals. We will have pictures and results in the January issue of the Rocky Point Times. I will be taking a dozen or more teen-age cats for surgery tomorrow along with 4 -5 young dogs. A big paws up to the City!

All of kittens that were rescued this year have survived and we have at least 25 additions to the center. The cat house, with its inside and outside rooms, is very crowded. We also have colonies set up in different locations for the outside cats. Most of the cats come in and out of the center. They are kept in the cat house or the center until they have surgery and then they are allowed to venture out on the property.  Beto has been here 11 years, Jessica came 8 years ago. Kittens that are rescued are generally tiny until they reach about 8 months of age and then they become huge almost overnight. Many have crooked tails. Cat friendly dogs are allowed on the patio to mingle. Give me a call if you are interested in adopting a kitten.


The Motorcycle Rally is going on this week-end also. As I was typing this article with a deadline of midnight tonight I heard someone at the gate. It is late, so it took me a while to welcome a new Phoenix visitor – G. Russel Childress and his Harley Davidson. The dogs were rather quiet and entertaining Russel at the gate. Russel is the Special Event Photographer for the Motorcycle Rally but did get a few photos of the dogs in the front yard along with a few very large cats who balanced the fence to greet him. Thank you Russel for a needed donation to help with the gang!  Russel is with Main Event Imaging.

Every animal has a special story. Lucky and his girls were entertaining Russel while he waited for me to come outside.  Lucky was brought to me many months ago by a good friend Jenn Shinn from Phoenix. Jenn showed up at the gate with Lucky in her arms and big tears rolling down her face. Lucky was not only skin and bones but he was covered with a crusty fungus. After a few dozen baths, some good food, medicine and lots of Love he is doing just great. Lucky is an Alpha and fought with the other two male dogs Sam and Rocky. Sam is submissive but Rocky is the Alpha at the center. I had to put Lucky in the front yard and he will only accept females. Lucky has 4 little females dogs that he bosses and grooms. It is a delight to watch this big lug! His girl friends are Sky, Sparkle, Chichi and Nikki.  Lucky would make someone a wonderful addition to their family and provide lots of entertainment. All the dogs at the center have been spayed/neutered and have had all their vaccines. About a dozen or dogs have been here now for far too long and of course I do get attached to them – they are like family. We are a no-kill facility so they will continue to call the center “home”.


We have been at this same location now for 10 years. This is the only site that we have in Mexico. We are a 501©3 non-profit US corporation and your donations are tax deductable. Please help with a tax deductable monthly or one time donation. You can also donate through Paypal on our web site or mail checks made out to AACORP. PO Box 1031, Lukeville AZ 85341.  Our biggest needs this month -$$$ for medicine, medical treatment and to purchase food from Chochoys. It has been a long hot summer but we did make with a little help from our two legged angels. With winter just around the corner we could use dog beds. Costco has great dog beds for only $25 and the dogs love them  –THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HELP.

Other needs are bleach, bleach, bleach – laundry soap and Downy for the winter blankets just around the corner. Disinfectant, antibacterial waterless hand soap, paper towels, all sizes of trash bags, small and medium collars, canned cat and kitten food, cat litter, cat litter pans with tops for the cat pan liners and of course dry cat , puppy and dog food. Our biggest need this time of year is kitten dry and canned food. And, I almost forgot! We really need a new digital camera.

If you have a vehicle to donate before the end of the year for a tax deduction  please call Nancy at (602) 412-3932 or in Mexico (011-52-638) 383-1012. We are in dire need of an SUV to transport animals and supplies.

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