Happy Holidays to all of our Rocky Point friends…. both locals and visitors alike on both sides of the border!  It is that time of the year that we give thanks to all of our great friends, great location (here in Rocky Point) and to our many blessings that we have each day!   Each year my family and friends help  organize the gift of life to an amazing group of people less fortunate than us, the needy and sometimes desperate people who find themselves living along the railroad tracks right here in Rocky Point.  Over the years, we have organized through our places of work, friends, Amerifirst Financial Inc., Swim Neptune of Arizona, Anthem Dolphins Swim Team, USA Swimming and even those probably in need as well, a collection of new and used clothing, food, water, and basically anything that can help the lives of those in need with some basic living essentials to make their new year a little better. The outpouring of love and support has been nothing short of incredible. This year’s theme is WARM HOLIDAY WISHES!  Whether it is warm clothes, both new and old, blankets, soup, hot chocolate, hats, gloves, mittens, water or anything (either new or used) that  you no longer need, PLEASE reach into your hearts and find a way to reach out and participate this year.  Your gifts truly make a difference for the needy of our WARM friends from south of our border.

Eddie, the manager of SWIM, the restaurant at Bella Sirena Resort, along with Scott and Cathy Poturalski have graciously taken on the task of setting up a collection bin at their restaurant to accept whatever items you have in your heart to offer to the cause. We will be accepting items right up until New Year’s Day. Last year, Liz and Eric Baker of Tucson took on the challenge versus the folks of Scottsdale to gather as much as each team can. I think it will be close, but I think the Scottsdale crew has a great shot!  And I say bring it on!!!  We welcome anyone that would like to help in anyway by emailing me at mpaliscak@amerifirst.us.  You are most welcome to join the cause and empower yourself to start your own group…whether it is 3 people or 30, you WILL make a difference!   The gifts are delivered on New Year’s Day and everyone is invited to join in the fun and outflow of emotion from the recipients. I PROMISE you, it will make your holiday season the best EVER!

May EVERYONE be blessed with the most memorable and cheerful holiday season ever and my very best wishes to all for an awesome 2012!  God bless you all and please remember this insightful quote by the late Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, we make a LIFE by what we GIVE!!!”