Down in Rocky Point’s Old Port located on the ocean side of the street, is a fun restaurant and bar called THE BOO BAR.  It is one of Rocky Point’s premier meeting places to catch up with old friends and a sure fire way to always meet new friends as well.  The BOO BAR is owned by Jose Flores and Scott Kimbriel and offers great views on one side of the bar of all the action on the street in Old Port and on the other side is awesome ocean views that offer amazing sunsets overlooking our Sea of Cortez.

I recently sat down with Jose to learn more about his background and the bar and what he loves best about the BOO BAR.  Jose is originally from Tucson but moved to Rocky Point full time in 2004.  He started bartending at the BOO BAR in May of 2007 and was always there to serve you with a great libation and a big smile.  In 2009, Jose became owner and partner of the bar.  The bar has a great vibe with happy patrons, smiling employees (especially DONKEY!)  and an awesome sound system that pumps out a great mix of current music as well as songs of yesteryear. The restaurant is family friendly and offers great food (you gotta try the guacamole…awesome!!!!) and has many superb cocktails and spirits especially their signature drink, the BLUE BOO VODKA LEMONADE.  My wife Jessica had one of these and loved it!!!  In addition, the BOO BAR has amazing seafood and both Mexican and American delicious food.  The tiki themed restaurant has bands on occasion and does cater to weddings, HOA parties and birthday parties.

One of the great features of the bar is the wheel of fun. For just $2, you get a spin at the wheel.  Well, being the sport  that I am and knowing how your trip to the BOO BAR is not complete without a spin at the wheel, I felt compelled to partake and give the wheel of fun a test spin.  Well, I didn’t exactly read all of the choices on the wheel before spinning the wheel. In retrospect, it is probably a good idea to read before you jump into things, but HEY IT’S MEXICO!!!! So, I spun the wheel and I get …….a POLE DANCE!!! I tried to weasel out of it, but Jose and the gang were insistent that you have to do what you spin. So, I had my 15 seconds of  fame, no……I think it was my  15 seconds of shame.   As usual, I laughed and made the best of it. So, when Donkey asked me if I wanted to spin again, I was like well, it’s gotta be better and it was… TWO FREE DRINKS!!! That was much a much better “win” and made my jig on the stage much more palatable.

Jose always looks forward to seeing his regulars like Gino, Scotty, Randy, Johnny and Ron as well as all the other good friends, neighbors and especially the new customers that come into the bar.  Throw in the awesome views, fun patrons, a Mexican Cheers sort of vibe and you have Old Port’s meeting place, THE BOO BAR! Make it a point to stop by on your next trip to Old Port and see the awesome job they did in the remodeling of the whole Old Port area….boy Rocky Point is really growing up! And of course, while you are in Old Port, be sure and stop into the BOO BAR and see why so many patrons have a beaming smile on their face!  Until next month, SALUTE to all and have a blessed and happy month!!! ADIOS AMIGOS!!!