photoWhere better to celebrate than right here in Rocky Point?!!!

Every year for the past ten years, my family, friends and I have celebrated my birthday in October here in Rocky Point. This year, due to my commitment to Brophy College Prep as an Assistant Swim Coach, I was unable to celebrate in my usual locale, the beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico. My family and friends in Arizona did for sure show me a good time with sushi, drinks, presents and some cake at an awesome Japanese restaurant in Scottsdale. However, I did need to “postpone” my Mexican celebrations until a few weeks later. Although I would not change a thing about this year’s birthday, I did reminisce about my past birthdays in Rocky Point and why everyone owes it to themselves to plan their next birthday celebration in Rocky Point.

In honor of an amazing history of my past decade of birthdays, I put together a top ten list of reasons why your next birthday celebration needs to be planned for the fiesta to take place right here in Rocky Point!

1. THE BEACH!! Need we say too much more? Ahhh, the waves, the sand, the sun, the ocean scents, the cool breeze, chilling and laughing with friends and family…what an incredible way to celebrate YOU…and your friends will love you for it!

2. RELAXATION!! Our days are often very busy and hectic in our everyday lives and we do not get enough “down time” to truly kick back and relax. Our birthday celebrations are often just a day or a night when we celebrate with friends north of the border. Why not celebrate several days that incorporate some relaxation time with NO agenda? “Mañana” is one of the best words in Mexico which basically means later, tomorrow, or just…not now. In Rocky Point we all get a MAÑANA pass to use whenever we need it! I am a big fan of a massage a few times a month and there are some magnificent gals on the beach offering massages complete with their portable massage tables to help you truly relax. These massages come at bargain prices and truly rejuvenate you and your soul.

3. THE MEXICAN CULTURE… Looking for warm, happy people who truly enjoy the people in their lives and know how to throw a fiesta? Look no further than Rocky Point. The mariachis, the dancing, the piñatas, the sombreros… It is all a slice of Mexico for you and your loved ones to enjoy. VIVA MEXICO!

4. THE FOOD… With a plethora of restaurants all around Rocky Point, there is no shortage of places to get a savory meal. And since it is Rocky Point, it is all about the SHRIMP and seafood. Whether the shrimp is grilled, fried, breaded, baked or boiled, it is all about the freshness that you cannot get elsewhere like you can here in Rocky Point.

5. THE NIGHT LIFE… Rocky Point is home to some of the coolest beach bars, cantinas, discos and watering holes of any resort town around. Each month it seems a new hot spot opens up for a new scene to celebrate with your friends and family. Whether it is your birthday or not, SALUD is the word when you are out on the town in Rocky Point!

6. THE GOLF… Laguna Del Mar, Las Palomas and the Mayan Palace all have outstanding courses to challenge all types of golfers. Grab some friends and tunes and head out for some fun on the links in and around Rocky Point. Some of my best days have been spent laughing with my buddies in Gino’s notorious golf tournaments playing “best ball” and catching the amazing scenery that only Rocky Point can offer you.

7. NEW FRIENDS… It never ceases to amaze me all of the full smiles you see on people around our city. Whether they are locals, regular vacationers, second home owners, retirees or first time visitors, the people are generally happy, warm and enjoying themselves. With these ingredients, it is easy to make new friends that can last a life time!

8. THE WATER SPORTS… Whether you are into banana boat rides, jet skiing, boogie boarding, parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, wind surfing or maybe just relaxing on a raft in our Sea of Cortez, the fun awaits you! So try a new water sport on your next time in the sea. I am sure each of these will result in some fun memories!

9. FISHING… Whether you are fishing from land or chartering a boat to go out deep sea fishing, the abundance and variety of fish here in Rocky Point is truly remarkable. I highly recommend a deep sea fishing expedition with your friends. Pack the cooler, hire a captain to take you out on his boat (they already have the poles and bait) and voila…a fun filled day with fresh dinner at the end of your journey.

10. WHALE & DOLPHIN WATCHING…Depending on the season, whales and dolphins are regular visitors in and around Rocky Point. Often you can team this up with a sunset cruise or the many party boats for hire that will take you out, and the whales and dolphins are an amazing added special treat to your journey!

I challenge you to come up with your own TOP TEN reasons to celebrate your birthday in Rocky Point. And please, don’t forget to invite to the festivities one of your favorite columnists, Marco!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY and happy day to all! Enjoy your life to the fullest and make the most of each moment. You have one life to live, live it WELL! ADIOS AMIGOS & GOD BLESS!