23 new puppies this month!!!!!! Waiting for their forever new homes!!!!!!!

A typical month at AACORP – The last month what we did——-Building a fence for a mama and her new babies for a local family so they are now safe and secure. Rescuing a mama dog “Coyote “and her 8 newborn puppies from Fremont and Josefa. They are here at the center getting fat and healthy, also ready for new homes. Taking a puppy with a prolapsed rectum to Dr. Javier for care and surgery( Chochoys 383-2338). Taking a very large German shepherd belonging to a local family to Dr. Marco Hernandez( 044-638-102-0067) for neuter and treatment from being impaled by a wrought iron fence into his testicles (ouch). Rescuing 7 newborn puppies from being thrown in the desert (pictured). Dr. Rincon 383-3344 is an orthopedic specialist and along with Dr. Javier Morales received referrals for broken limbs. We also gave vaccines to 23 puppies and Ivermectin shots to all dogs for parasites. We received 5 additional Kuranda beds donated to the center. I did make a trip to Phoenix for supplies and to pick up the beds which I assembled this week. We are having an adoption day at the Stadium next week so I have been preparing for the event. Keeping fresh water, food and cleaning poop is a daily occurrence. I also erected a canopy (Thank you Candy) on the patio for the cats and puppies. I receive at least several hundred emails weekly and dozens of phone calls daily regarding helping or rescuing animals.  Getting and giving hugs daily!

 A BIG thank you to all that help the animals.

 If you would like to take a dog for  a walk please call Nancy.

Sad News

 On a very sad note – we lost a dear friend and supporter of the center last month to Cancer. Carolyn Willits will be missed by all her two and four legged friends. I will miss her – she was so young, vibrant and such a trooper – never complaining. She had such a positive attitude—– I know she is with the angels.

We are the only animal rescue organization that has been recognized by the city of Puerto Peñasco. We are also the only US 501©3 non profit animal rescue in Puerto Peñasco. Your donations are a tax deduction. Giving a donation to a Mexican non profit is only a deduction if you also earn money in Mexico and file with the IRS. Be aware that several people are claiming to be legitimate rescues. The economy is down and many people try to take advantage of the charities in the city. When giving to any charity remember to ask for their paperwork. A legitimate organization will have a business bank account and will not ask for checks to be written in a persons name. Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point  helps with and sponsors the twice yearly spay/neuter clinics conducted by the city. AACORP is the only group that works with and is recognized by the city of Puerto Peñasco.

I am usually busy in the morning with feeding and giving medicine, so it is best to stop by after noon or call to let me know you are coming.  You can also drop donations at any time over the fence, under the sign, as I check often. There is a mail box for checks/money and it is very safe. It is just under the sign. We thank all who are helping with donations for the animals. We try to feed and help as many of the locals as we can with veterinarian services.

Our next spay/neuter clinic will be at the Shrimp Park on April 13th and 14th.  We will have visiting veterinarians from various parts of Mexico and welcome any veterinarians from the USA and/or Canada to participate. We do provide housing (A big thanks to Rodger Clifton at FMI Real Estate) and meals. We also need clinic supplies – medications, surgical gloves, surgical instruments, surgical packs etc. You can bring supplies to the center or call Nancy for pick up at 383-1012 or from the USA (602) 412-3932. We can also pick up donations in Arizona. Just call Nancy.


I had a hard time this last month when I discovered that someone had been taking the animal food (8 bags of science diet cat food in one day). I had suspected for some time now that this was happening. I was almost out of dry cat food and had just received 12 bags of science diet cat food and had placed the food in air tight containers that held three bags each. My suspicions were confirmed the next day when most of the bins were empty, one hour after the worker had left. I was almost out of dry cat food when I received this donation so it was clear that the cats did not get into the bins and eat over 8 bags. It was being removed in trash bags . It was very heartbreaking for me to discover this.

Enclosed is a picture of Franki and Joni – shar Pe mix sisters who are about 8 months old, spayed and ready for a new home.

 We are in need of dry cat, kitten, dog and puppy food. Canned cat and dog food, cat liter (non-clumping) laundry detergent, trash bags – white draw string, brushes for cleaning, , Downy, waterless hand soap, disinfectant and any cleaning products. With so many puppies we need lots of paper towels! Costco dog beds and baby or small blankets for the babies.

I would like to assure everyone considering travel to Puerto Peñasco, aka Rocky Point, that it is very safe! I just cannot believe the news coming out of Arizona regarding the warning to those wanting to visit Rocky Point. There is more crime in Phoenix in a week than there is in Rocky Point in a year. I travel back and forth on a regular basis and have never had a problem. Please pay no attention to these false reports. Rocky Point is safe!