In another of those happy circumstances that leads to new friends, I met a charming young couple who lives and works in Puerto Peñasco.  I learned that Ibett, short for Norma Ibett Vargas Herrera, works for Monex, a company about which I had heard, but knew nothing, and which seemed to be another mysterious Mexican institution of no interest to folks like me…was I ever WRONG!  I learned from Ibett just how Monex could help to simplify my life. 


Unlike other banks, the Puerto Peñasco branch of Monex handles no cash. Instead, Grupo Financiero Monex is a banking institution that handles a number of different types of transactions, among them transfer of funds to and from the USA, Canada and other countries to Mexico.  Funds can be exchanged through Monex services at the most advantageous exchange rate, which can save lots of money over exchange houses. Monex also provides services such as management of real estate transaction closings, acting as the fiduciary agency for the management of bank trusts for foreigners, and different types of investment accounts. If you are a part-time visitor, or a foreign resident in Mexico, Monex may very well be the key to managing your finances in Mexico.

Ibett Vargas, who speaks perfect English, is the person to help guide you to the Monex services that will make your stay in Paradise financially sensible and perhaps even profitable.  Monex is located on the ground floor in Plaza del Sol on Boulevard Fremont, and is open from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.  Give Ibett a call at (011-521-638) 380-8565 and make an appointment to learn firsthand what Monex has to offer; you will find that Ibett is the best at helping you to mind, maneuver and manage your money in Paradise.