Paw Prints by Nancy Phelan

Animal adoptions are always slow during the summer months so, in this edition of the Rocky Point Times, we are including as many pictures of animals as we can in hopes that we can find good homes for the many kittens and puppies.


Her name is Tiny…She is a lovable, friendly tiny Calico kitten with a broken leg. She was dumped in a trash can, but found her way to this center. Tiny is about 5 or 6 weeks old and is doing very well considering the very large cast on her front leg.


Leona is a pure bred Boxer and is in the front yard with 7 puppies and Rocky an older male neutered dog. Leona gets along with all the other babies as well. She has a very sweet disposition and needs a good forever home.

Something happened to her right eye and she is blind. The family that had previously had her is unable to care for her and asked me to take her in. She is up to date with all her shots and will be spayed in the next month or so.


I found Bisquit in the street when he was about 3 weeks old. He still likes his bottle as you can see in the picture.


Skylar was a feral in Phoenix. She was trying to get into my daughter’s house to have her kittens. Not a good idea with 5 dogs that are not cat friendly. I was in Scottsdale with Sandy the Husky having his eyes removed. We managed to kennel Skylar and bring her back with Sandy. The next morning Skylar had her 5 little kittens beside my bed. Sky is pure white with one blue eye and one green eye. Sky has been spayed and her babies are ready for adoption.

Other Tails

Radar the large Black Lab found in the desert is ready for his forever home. He is just over a year old and gets along with all the other dogs and has been neutered.

Sandy is doing just fine after surgery to remove both eyes. He was diagnosed with Glaucoma, which is common among Huskies. We would love to find Sandy a forever home. He gets along just fine with other dogs and cats and maneuvers around very well.


We are always in need of monetary donations as the center expenses run over $3,000 USD per month, not counting medicine and supplies. We also have over 25 animals to spay/neuter in the next month or two. The next free spay/neuter clinic will not be until December.

I have a slipped disk and am not able to lift the large bags and the large dogs like I have always done. Thank goodness for Dr. Crenshaw and his Acupuncture treatments. He is amazing. But I need to take it easy and hire additional help. I am full at this time and with adoptions being slow have stopped taking in more animals.

I do wish there were additional places for the animals to go. Rocky Point does need more rescues that take in animals in need and find them good homes. Many people help feed the animals on the streets. We do provide food when we have more than we need for the animals at the center. I would love to have land in Arizona to bring some of the unadoptable animals and the many cats that we have and need to get to a safe place.

Dry dog, puppy, cat food (Kirkland Brand from Costco)

Canned cat and kitten food ***

Dry kitten food ***

BIG NEED! Cat litter – non-clumping ****

Litter pan liners

Cleaning supplies including paper towels, bleach, disinfectant, laundry detergent, chlorine and Downey

Flea and Tick spray

Albon, Ivermectin and Panacur

Please bring all supplies and donations to the center – just follow the map on this page. We do not receive donations that are left in other locations. We are located just behind and to the left (north) of the mission which was the old Villa Granada Hotel (a very popular 50’s dance spot years ago!). We have only one donation and adoption site and have been here now for 10 year!

Please remember that I am only one person and it may take me a few minutes for me to get to the front gate. I may be on the computer, in the cat house or in the back .Many times when I get to the gate people are driving off. Of course it is best if I know when you are coming so if you can, please call ahead 383-1012, but otherwise please give me time to respond! The best times to visit the center and see the animals are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Antonio is here helping me on those days. If you would like to get our newsletter, please email me you email address and I will add you to our list.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our animal friends that make it possible for us to continue our work! On a final note…if some claims to have done work for me and uses me for a reference please call me for confirmation before you hire.