You never know who walks into town. In a sleepy little village like Rocky Point, Mexico, you might just be surprised who you rub shoulders with on the sandy beach.

In June, Rocky Point, Mexico was teeming with traveling gringos. Many hailed from Phoenix, Tucson and some traveled mega mileage to celebrate the 20th year of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers Circus Mexicus XX concert (if you haven’t listened to his music yet, you need to check him out on ITunes or his website, you won’t be disappointed).

Among the countless Roger Clyne fans rambling through the sand, Micah Albert, a world known international reporter and photojournalist (and a Roger Clyne enthusiast) was in attendance. Check out

Micah, a global traveler of 50 countries found himself with an opportunity to retreat to the shores of the Sea of Cortez to photograph Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers Circus Mexicus XX concert. A new destination, a site he had never visited, not on his radar screen of international reporting, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico was in Micah’s words an “incredible trip”.

A true intercontinental voyager, Micah had just returned from war torn countries before stepping foot on Peñasco’s beach. He was snapping photos of Roger Clyne at a charity soccer tournament, held the morning of the Circus Mexicus concert on the beach at the new bar and cantina, Wrecked at the Reef. After chatting with him about his world traveling profession and photo journalism experience, I was curious about his encounters and his first impression of our little beach haven in Mexico.
Here’s what he had to say:

Q- What are the last 5 countries you visited before landing in Rocky Point?
Micah- Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Chad (Wow!)

Q- Being an international contributor to The New York Times, The Associated Press and BBC world, you have traveled all over the world and witnessed such diversity through your lens.. What is the one image found in your lens that most sticks in your mind?

Micah-“ I’ve seen a lot of things I don’t want anyone to see, they all run together,… there’s the people you meet, like at someone’s house cooking dinner… but the last trip to Yemen the old city in Yemen, one of my favorite places on the planet, one of the last few pre-Islamic cities. Well, this last trip to Yemen… I got to spend the entire day in the old city wandering around, on my own, got to sit by myself in a corner, in a coffee shop, walking alone through an alley, not really as a tourist, but meeting people, playing soccer in an alleyway, bakers welcoming me in to bake…”…these are the images that stick in his mind. Micah adds that since he travels to countries where you arrive in the airport and there is no English option… such places makes him feel a little bit of an ambassador, he drives the point home “you might be the only American they may ever meet”.

Q-We have lots of budding young photographers who visit Rocky Point and read Rocky Point Times, what one piece of advice can you offer to a young photographer who wants to become a photojournalist and see the world like you?

Micah- “network, network, network” and he adds “not just by social media”

Q-You shot some fantastic images of Rocky Point and the Roger Clyne Circus Mexicus concert, what impressed you the most about our little fishing beach town?

Micah- “Other than Roger Clyne?…, how much it reminded me of the coast along the Red Sea and the climate is so similar” (very interesting as the Red Sea has extreme tides like Rocky Point).

Q-Did you find a favorite spot while in town?

Micah- “I didn’t get out a whole lot…A house I went to in Cholla Bay was a cool spot…and Mr. Fish Taco in Cholla Bay…

Q-A lot of our readers love to come to Rocky Point and enjoy the Sea of Cortez and the beach life in their free time and vacations…what is your favorite thing to do when you are not working or traveling the world?

Micah- “Cooking… anything. I really love to cook and love to open a restaurant someday” (maybe we can get him to pick Rocky Point for his restaurant destination in the future)

Q-If asked to describe Rocky Point to travelers in a few words how would you sum it up?

Micah- “Gorgeous beaches and weather, not overly impacted area that is super close.”

Micah who calls home in Northern California with his wife and daughter was amazed at the climate, topography of Puerto Peñasco and tried to explain it to his friends and family. He stated they were amazed how close it was to Phoenix and easy to get to in under a 4 hour drive. He discussed the stark topography and monochromatic atmosphere that he and his father both love.

Like many of us who visit unique places, we all know a special place when we see one. Puerto Peñasco is one of those out of the ordinary places. Arizona’s ocean front property, only 3.5 hours from Phoenix, surprises newcomers with its quick travel time and stark beauty. Micah’s photos, outstanding and vivid, capture the raw emotion and quiet beauty of Puerto Peñasco, so many Arizonians and Rocky Point fans have witnessed.

Check out Micah’s blog and photos/videos of Roger Clyne, Circus Mexicus and Puerto Peñasco. “Micah is represented by Redux Pictures, who has documented and brought attention to major world issues in Sudan, DR Congo, Syria, Yemen, Chad, Central African Republic, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Kenya and many others. His regular clients include, The New York Times, Newsweek, BBC World, Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Times, World Policy Journal, The Sacramento Bee, British Airways, Business Week, Runner’s World, Lonely Planet, The North Face, The World Food Programme, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNHCR, among others.” (Bio on Micah’s blog)