For the second year in a row, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends celebrated the international women’s day on horseback with a ride that took them right into the middle of town. The ride started in the very appropriate “Plaza de La Madre” (Mother’s plaza), then up the main Blvd. Benito Juarez, ending in Lomas Campestres (the equestrian village north of Rocky Point), where they were welcomed with a party honoring women around the world.

The ladies shared their love for horses and just enjoyed getting together with a much larger quorum than the one last year. Many women from around town, from expert cowgirls to the ones who rode for the very first time, gathered together and had a great time riding horses of all colors and sizes. Andalusian, Quarter horses, Paints, Thoroughbreds, Appendix and the good old Mexican horse also called “criollo” were all part of the parade that took them through the streets of Rocky Point. For about three hours, on a 10 kilometer ride, they rode with their pink bandannas, great attitude and zest for life. Some of the horses were even outfitted with pink saddle pads and their manes braided with pink ribbons also!

The history of the horse in Mexico starts with the conquerors in the beginning of the sixteenth century at the time that Hernan Cortez touched the coast of Veracruz. This was the very first time the natives of Mexico had ever seen a horse. They feared them greatly, thinking that rider and horse were one with evil powers, just as a centaurs shown in the Greek mythology. The fear from this natives towards horses was an aid for the Spaniards to conquest the whole territory.

Once greatly abhorred, the Spanish horse today is a prized possession and most Charros look for Andalusian horses. There is even a new breed of horse derived from the Spanish horses and quarter horses called “Azteca”. Even though it’s a fairly new breed (started in the 60’s) they have become favorites for teaching them tricks and showing off their dance moves and beautiful conformations. Their great dispositions are well known, making them an integral part of the “charreadas” which is a very traditional Mexican party involving lots of loud music, drinks and of course horses. Different drills performed on horseback include roping, reining, the female drill team called Escaramuza with their colorful choreographed performance on horseback, and many more fun and exciting horseback games. Some people also call it “The Mexican Rodeo”.

Once feared and now an integral part of the Mexican culture, the well beloved horse has a place in Rocky Point where riding on the beach and around the desert is one favorite thing to do for tourists and locals. There are also many horse races scheduled throughout the year. These are short races with two horses running side by side, and betting is allowed making them an exciting weekend family gathering!

Unfortunately, bringing your own horse from USA to Mexico is extremely complicated. It involves blood tests, veterinarians and customs agents, so we recommend you rent horses if you are just in town for a short visit. There are a few good places to rent horses including “El Establo” close to Playa Bonita and Antonio who can bring horses to your house if you are staying in Las Conchas!

Look for more scheduled rides and horse events in the issues of the Rocky Point times and join the fun of riding whether you are a cowgirl or a cowboy or just want to try feeling like one for a day.

Congratulations to all the ladies that showed their support for each other and the women around the world on the second feminine ride celebrating international women’s day: see you next year!