By Rita Pizarro

The 2011 Horse show was another great event hosted by Miguel Guevara at “Hacienda La Cordobesa.” What a great place for this fundraiser which channeled funds towards the promotion of beautiful Puerto Peñasco in the state of Arizona!

This exceptional horse facility, just south of town, is ideal for large parties and horse show. For this special occasion the “Escaramuza de Mexicali” brought 9 horses, including a spectacular Friesian named Marco.

The Friesian is a breed of horse which originated in the Netherlands and was actually endangered on several occasions. Fortunately in 1913 a dedicated group saved the breed with the last three studbook stallions left in the world! This is a noble and gentle breed of horse that was used for war during the crusades; you can see them in almost every middle ages movie. It is the beautiful black horse with long mane and tail, feathered legs and a strong body. Not as heavy as a draft horse, their build is often described as baroque. English Royalty also enjoyed this breed and used it mostly for pulling carriages. Today they are appreciated as good dressage horses, driving, show and dance horses. Circuses and film makers appreciate this breed, as they are extremely flashy with jet black coat, toned musculature and thick manes, tails and feathers on all 4 legs. There are strict rules for registering a Friesian horse in the Netherlands. The extreme quality control and stringent rules for qualified stallions makes this a very expensive breed of horse. Nevertheless, their popularity and population keeps increasing, not only because of their remarkable beauty but also for their noble temperament, willing disposition and intelligence, which makes their training easier as they have a high ability to retain knowledge.

Marco the Friesian from Mexicali was the star of the show and posed for excellent pictures before and during the show. He showed his dance moves, excellent training and disposition to the cheering public that just adored the gorgeous stallion!

Attendees of the horse show also enjoyed the eight beautiful girls on their quarterhorses, performing the drills known as “Escaramuza” which is a female equestrian sport in which the team of female riders, wearing traditional Mexican costumes, perform thrilling drills on horseback with a sidesaddle. They race the horses, abruptly halt them and then weave them together in some kind of equestrian ballet mixed with reining. The performance is done at a full gallop, and the participants display heart stopping crosses, quick turns and amazing synchronization. Some of these riders were indeed very young girls and it was amazing to see them ride with such precision at their age. Congratulations to the Escaramuza de Mexicali on their great performance and Thank You for helping make this show a success!

Other attractions included Mexican dancers, singers and even Pastor Tad singing country songs while on horseback!
Special Thanks to Miguel Guevara and all the attendees for helping our town by supporting this show.

Keep an eye out on the Rocky Point Times Calendar of Events for the date of next years show!