March 9th was the date for the third Women’s Horseback Ride, and ,73 women signed up to commemorate International women’s Day (IWD) by riding their horses from the baseball stadium located in Juarez blvd to Lomas Campestres. Throughout the ride they displayed not only their friendship and joy to be a woman in a time when women’s rights and choices have improved dramatically over the 1900’s when IWD began as International Working woman’s day, but also their strength, capabilities, solidarity for one and other and of course their beautiful horses in their best tack. They sported the now traditional pink T-shirt and many beautifully braided equines, one even had stars shaved on his hair plus a beautiful and elaborate French braid on his tail. Stallions, geldings and mares all walked peacefully alongside each other with their female riders; even if some of the stallions have a little bit of huffing on the way everyone arrived safely at the final destination.

The organizers, who started these 3 years ago and have no political agenda, make a lot of effort to make this a safe, fun, enjoyable event. Their love for horses, riding and getting together with others who like to ride is their inspiration to organize this ride commemorating IWD every year. They also offer classes for people who don’t know how to ride before the parade, and can help riders without horses find a borrowed horse if necessary.

Many Thanks to: Rita Borboa, Ambar Terriquez and Greta Terriquez for making this a fun and safe event for all the women of Puerto Peñasco.

Music was provided throughout the parade, with a mobile sound system. Police and many admiring gentleman were helping anyone who had any issues with their horses or tack, which made all the women riders feel safe even if they were just beginner riders.

Throughout the parade, prominent families of Peñasco displayed some of their most beautiful equines including a Friesian Stallion, Lusitano, and Spanish horses together with the well beloved quarter horses, Thoroughbreds and Mexican Criollos. There were dancing horses, beautifully braided manes and tails, tooled saddles, and generally well behaved horses throughout the ride even with stallions in between the mares.

Some of the women who didn’t have a horse to ride still showed up to take pictures and cheer their friends on from the streets as did some gentlemen admirers of the beautiful women who attended the ride. This fun event ends with a get-together with everyone enjoying Mexican food and drinks. Everyone had fun and the bond of being a woman strengthens during this once a year ride that brings horse lovers together.

Have fun, enjoy your horses and friends and most of all the joy of being a woman in this day and age when being a woman is a whole lot better than it was in the 1900’s or ever before!