The first month of 2012 has flown by, now February has arrived and with it comes all the romance of Valentine’s Day. What is more romantic than spending time by the beach with your beloved? There are so many romantic things to do in Rocky Point;. Here are a few you might want to try this Valentine’s Day:

1) Stroll the beach at midnight, whispering sweet secrets to each other.  Las Conchas or Playa Encanto are great for walking, with miles of beautiful beach and the sand and salt water will forever keep your most intimate secrets private.

2) Stargaze together until you fall asleep into each others arms, bring a nice blanket or sleeping bag to the beach, a bottle of wine might just make it even more romantic, you can listen to the soft lapping of the waves and count how many shooting stars you can see while wishing each other happiness and love. Try going a little bit out of town for the best starry skies, the darker the spot the more beautiful it will be at night, another good spot is the halfway point between Rocky Point and Sonoyta, you can just pullover to the side of the road turn all the lights off and see and incredible starry sky, new moon is ideal on February 21st.

3) Rent an ocean view condo or beach house and spend a whole day together with all electronics turned off! Just 24 hours with no cell phone, TV, laptop or anything to distract you from how wonderful life is together: have no schedule, no guests, nowhere to be and nothing to do other than give the gift of your time and full attention to the person that you love. Then, of course, remember to say how much you appreciate and love your life partner many many times during those 24 hours, you can never say “I Love you” too many times…

4) Hike the Pinacate together and admire the great Sonoran desert, marvel at the magnificence of the craters and how small and insignificant we can be next to some of natures creations. Take some pictures that you will cherish forever and leave nothing but tracks behind.

5) Admire a magnificent sunset together, make a date just before sunset and carefully watch together how the sky and the water change colors as the sun goes down. Try to get a glimpse of the rare “green flash” as the last part of the sun goes down into the water. The best spot to watch a sunset in the winter is Tucson beach in Cholla Bay, bring a blanket or a poncho and wrap into each others arms while you admire the colorful display, then stay a little longer to see how the sky keeps changing colors after the sun has set.

6) Dinner by the sea. One of Valentines favorites only made better with an ocean view. Make it even more perfect by having dinner by the ocean at sunset, perfect spots are “La Casa del Capitan” or the Lighthouse on Whale Hill  with the best view in Rocky Point and  “The Point” were you can have dinner right on the water, at the Old Port.


7) Pamper each other with couples massages, do it just before a romantic evening by having two therapist come to your beach house or condo. Ask for aromatic candles and soothing music to set the mood, the health benefits of massage coupled with feeling pampered will make it a night to remember. A massage is a gift that brings you well-being and will not clutter your home.

8) Hand write on a piece of paper the ten reasons you fell in love with your beloved. Every detail counts and anything that makes your partner feel special will make it an even better day, from the sweet smile to the quirky sense of humor or great creativity. Just think of anything and everything that makes the person you love who they are, a bit of perfume or cologne in the love letter is always a plus.

9) Picnic by the beach, always a romantic favorite: bring cheese, fruit and wine for a French style picnic, a blanket is excellent to sit by the beach and enjoy each others company while sipping on the wine or champagne and reminiscing the fabulous times you have shared with each other.

10) Get married by the beach, have your beach wedding come true right here in Rocky Point. Make is as casual or elaborate as your fantasy dictates, there are several services which can help you plan and cater your very own beach wedding.

A couple of years ago, when I stepped down to the beach barefooted holding Tommys hand and got my puffy fairy tale wedding dress wet in the salt water at the beach in Las Conchas on a beautiful day with the most gorgeous sunset, I knew my fantasy had come true.

Renewing your vows is another very romantic idea for this beautiful month.

Most important: Enjoy and Love who you are with this and every month.