As I sit on our patio tonight, I again reflect on my life. I see an amazing sunset and a first star I can make a wish on which I do almost every night. I wish for peace on earth, an answer to the common cold and for each and every one of us to have the same opportunity to live our lives in happiness. I wish for the wars to stop and our troops to brought home.

At the meeting of the American Legion last night I learned that 31 American civilians, servicemen and women are missing in action or POW’S. If they could only sit on my patio looking at our sunset just one more night, it would be the answer to my prayers.

I drive down the street and I see the impoverished situation that some are living in and realize that they don’t know any difference. They were brought up in this poverty and their children will be also. They have no electricity, no running water, no jobs, and no heat. They eat whatever they can find.

It is almost too much for a high school dropout to digest. But I am human and have a heart and when I see what I see, sitting on my patio, the sunrises the sunsets and I can put gas in my car tomorrow, I am ashamed.

So when I go to bed tonight I will say a prayer and I would like all of you to take a couple minutes to do the same. It won’t hurt you a bit.

Now here comes the pitch. We need to help these people. If you can please send a donation to the American Legion, be it one time or a few bucks each month. There is no administration cost, no CEO’s are getting anything, just the poor people.

A few dollars or whatever you can send, we will appreciate it. I know that money is tight, but I think we all can give up one Starbucks or ?

You should have seen the kids when one of our members dressed up like Santa and delivered candy and presents to them on Christmas Eve. They came running from all over, and they gave Santa a lot of hugs and kisses on the cheek. One elderly lady with cancer got out of bed to hug and thank him. We also ordered a chicken dinner for each of the families we feed weekly so they would have a hot dinner for Christmas. Each Wednesday we deliver food to 20 families, be it a sack of beans and a sack of rice, or various other foods that become available… all donated by our members. Our supplies are getting low. We have one member that is a shopper and he gets the very best prices available. Four of us are chartering a fishing boat today to catch about 200 lbs of fish to donate to the food fund.

This is a tax deductible donation for you, as this is a non-profit Mexican corporation. You can make a check out to American Legion Post MX 15 and send to Rob Baylor PO Box 676 Lukeville, AZ 85341. Thanks to all, in advance.