by Milton Ernesto Felix Reyes, President

In Puerto Peñasco, Sonora we have one of the biggest memberships in all of the state regarding Real Estate Agents and, because of that, the State Government has worried about the regulation of such an important activity for the economic life of the state and that is where the Real Estate Agents Law in the state of Sonora was born.

One of the main activities of the Association is to capacitate and make sure all real estate agents have their real estate agent license, properly accredited and 112 hours of capacitation with a diploma where they go thru Bank trusts, buy or sell contracts, Infonavit, Appraisals, Development plans for the city among others of major importance for all Real Estate Agents.

Knowing our work field does not only require compromise, also it is important that it complies with the law and being ethic and objective with our clients, working in harmony and knowledge and for these the importance of capacitation every day makes us more professional and we can take positions for special situations which will come accompanied by real solutions. Puerto Peñasco is prepared for the next step in development, and for that the importance of the day by day capacitation of our real estate agents.

The real estate development in Puerto Peñasco has established our state as one of the best prepared for the reception of new private investors as soon as the world economy stabilizes. Destinations as important as Puerto Peñasco make it more attractive for its closeness to states as Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada and Nuevo México, who have a beach option, diversity in activities to live and enjoy unforgettable vacations.

Including for infrastructure, Puerto Peñasco is included in one of the major cataloged and major developments at a medium term, thanks to government projects as the new Coastal Highway, the Mar de Cortes International Airport, the Nautical Ladder, make this destination one of major interest and enjoyment to the tourists.

When you receive the treating of an AMPI Real Estate agent, you will always have the confidence of being in expert hands in this matter and that your best decision is our satisfaction of being able to serve and attend you the way you deserve.

Thank you and welcome to Puerto Peñasco