If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” then the time has come for you to learn about A.M.P.I., the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, or in Spanish, the Asociación Méxicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios. A sister organization to National Association of Realtors, or NAR, in the U.S.A., members are united by a vision of trust and cooperation, and are guided by, and pledge to follow, a rigorous code of ethics.

A.M.P.I. is a national organization that has chapters in all of Mexico’s 32 states and the Federal District.  Local chapters operate within the Bylaws and Code of Ethics of A.M.P.I., and each augments those statutes to bring them into compliance with state and local laws. In existence since 1952, A.M.P.I. provides expertise to local, state and national authorities as they grapple with Mexico’s growing real estate and tourism industries. Puerto Peñasco’s A.M.P.I. Chapter 51 was instrumental in bringing real estate laws and licensure to Sonora, the first state in the Republic of México to require real estate agents to have licenses.

Additional to ethics, A.M.P.I. is devoted to education of the community about local real estate practices and market conditions, as well as to the education of local real estate professionals. A.M.P.I. Chapter 51 partners with the State of Sonora Department of Economy to provide a 120-hour course that prepares agents to obtain their required state real estate licenses. To the great benefit of real estate clients, A.M.P.I. provides a multiple listing service, which assists real estate professionals and their clients with providing not only property listings, but also statistics and trends that help with decision making related to their real estate goals and desires.

A.M.P.I. is an organization of real estate professionals. In addition to agents, A.M.P.I. welcomes real estate-related professionals such as attorneys, transaction coordinators, appraisers, inspectors, and builders, all of whom pledge to adhere to the same high standards as outlined by the A.M.P.I. Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice.

Buying a home, a lot, a business, an income property – any real estate – is an adventure at best. Doing so in a foreign country adds an additional layer of challenges, and wise buyers seek the assistance of a talented, LICENSED, real estate agent. While real estate licenses are required in Sonora, enforcement is spotty, so ask the agent with whom you are considering working if s/he is licensed; if s/he says yes, ask to see the license!  Membership in A.M.P.I. is not required by the state but is highly recommended so that agents are closely connected with continuing education, and with other agents with whom they can work for the best service to the client. As previously mentioned, A.M.P.I. members have high standards, and clients have recourse if they are unhappy with their representation, AS LONG AS they are working with A.M.P.I. members. Again, ask! If the agent or other professional you are considering is not an A.M.P.I. member, you might want to keep looking.

You can check A.M.P.I. membership by going to the A.M.P.I. website at RockyPointyAMPI.com, and look under the members tab. There you will find the names, companies, photos and contact information for all A.M.P.I. members, including the officers. Other tabs will reveal information about Rocky Point real estate in general, joining A.M.P.I., the Code of Ethics and Bylaws, and ethics complaint forms. This might be the first, and most important, step in your real estate in Paradise journey!

Happy New Year from A.M.P.I. – we hope to meet you in 2021!