You can’t write it.

Sure, as a writer I can create fictitious stories of a pandemic world, but what has transpired in 2020, is hard to imagine, who wants to recreate the year we just lived through. I’m not going to focus on the tragic number of deaths here in Mexico and the USA and all over the world. I’ll only mention the fact that the day I write this article in December, more people died in a single day in the USA, then on 9/11. It’s hard to swallow how crazy that is. Or the tenacity of the selfless frontline workers, healthcare providers and ordinary people who keep giving their heart and soul to help others day after day.

Yes, it’s been a dark time in the world’s history, but there has been light. Light and salt water, that’s what I’m going to focus on in this new year. Let’s turn our minds to the light, the sea, the New Year ahead, and what is coming next.

2021 the best is yet to come. I believe that. I, am ready for a new brighter year ahead.

What can we do to seek the positive, find the joy again?  I say, go to the sea my friends, and before you come, why not get the vaccine. We can stop the spreading, we know how even if we are tired of the loneliness, the restrictions and missing our family and friends. It’s going to happen, especially if we all do our part, life will be normal again. Or at least a better version of the new normal.

If you’re lucky enough to live next to the Sea of Cortez, you can start today, take 30 minutes a day and start the challenge.

I’m challenging myself and you to find out what makes you come alive this year and go after it with renewed energy. Realize that the dark days of the pandemic will someday soon be over.

Here are my challenges sure to make you feel alive, brighter, and more joyful.

Try them for 21 days, as experts say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Come on… you can do anything for 21 days if you set your mind to it. What do you have to lose?

Sea of Cortez 10 challenges for 2021 (sure to bring some joy & fun).

  1. If you are a seasonal, full time or even part-time resident, take out your calendar (you can receive a free printable Rocky Point calendar, by emailing and start writing down every day you take a walk by the sea. It doesn’t matter how long you walk just walk every day for 21 days. If walking isn’t in your wheelhouse, take 30 minutes a day to relax, and sit by the sea. Breathe in the sea. Try this for 21 days and see if this doesn’t make you more joyful.
  2. Take a boat ride, kayak, SUP board and get on the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. Once out there on the shimmering water, take the imaginary rocks off your shoulders, back or stress bottled up deep inside and hurl them into the sea. Throw it all in, the sea will take it and swirl it far from the present moment. Stress disappears in waves and salt water.
  3. Take a drive around the Pinacate Biosphere. Plan on scheduling a 3-5-hour excursion. Pack a picnic, pick out some good music and take a mini road trip. The fresh air, uncrowded roads and scenic beauty will make you come alive. The Pinacate is a UNESCO World Heritage site worth visiting and accessible right here.
  4. Take time to watch the sea life – I count my blessings every day that I spot dolphins off our balcony on a weekly basis. Go and sit on the sand and search for the diving birds, the flipping dolphins and coming soon the majestic whales. I find them many times during sunset, jumping in the sun strip on the sea.
  5. Take a drive out to the Oyster Farm past Las Conchas. The beauty of the estuaries will engulf you as you breathe in clean air and incredible landscapes of sand and sea.
  6. Take a walk around the Malecon, put your mask on, walk from one end to the other, energize yourself as you walk by the sea.
  7. Come down to Rocky Point and shop local. Mermaid Market continues to offer an awesome outdoor market with creations from local artists in a safe environment. 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month until April.
  8. Shop local-, try stopping by a Fruteria to buy some fresh produce, grab some Pollo Lucas chicken to take home or simply shop at a local Mercado. Help spread a prosperous new year economy. Visit a shop or restaurant you’ve never tried.
  9. Book a week in Puerto Penasco for the upcoming months. If you are in driving distance this is a great way to use vacation days inexpensively, no flights involved and great rental prices. A weekend visit is just too short, book a week and try my challenge. Plus, added health benefit, you get the salt water at your disposal.
  10. Think about adopting an animal. If you rescue a dog from Barb’s Dog Rescue, the walking challenges will come easy. Statistics show those who have a pet live healthier lives, they will become a part of your life that you will not regret. Go to Barb’s Dog Rescue Facebook page for more information.

Count your blessings, as hard as it’s been in 2020, you are here. You’re alive, not a statistic. Try writing down one thing your thankful for every day. This will bring you joy and hope for this new year.

And, for those we’ve lost last year, celebrate their lives by creating a more positive new year.

“The Cure for anything SALT WATER, SWEAT, TEARS OR the SEA.”