Adios 2020!

Bienvenido 2021!

I know we’re all glad to get 2020 behind us and welcome in 2021. What a terrible and wonderful year all wrapped up in one. We do hope that everyone has come into the New Year healthy and happy and we thank each and everyone of you for supporting the Rocky Point Times Newspaper and our community. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by compassionate and caring people. Last year definitely brought out our community spirit, as you will read in many of our contributing writers’ articles this month. Thank you to all who helped others (and the animals) last year. And thank you all for your continued support of our community – whether you donate to local charities, or patronize our businesses, your support is greatly appreciated.

We have a lot of new part-time and full-time residents here in Rocky Point since the real estate market never seemed to slow last year. So, welcome to Puerto Peñasco…you’re going to love it here! This next year we hope to have a lot to look forward to, from Encantame Towers delivering the first of their three towers in the Spring, to Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers returning for their many live concerts, to the return of our Annual Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally and tons of other events. Puerto Peñasco is a very friendly and social place and much of our life revolves around going out, the beach, group events, and being out and about – always meeting new people and seeing friends. It has been difficult to not hang out with our friends at darts, cornhole, pickleball and potlucks, or to pack onto the sunset cruises with them, and to not shake hands when meeting someone, and not giving hugs and a peck-peck when greeting a friend – it’s all just been weird and a little depressing. I, for one, want to go back to our “old normal”, so please continue to abide by whatever safety protocols our city has in place when you visit, and let’s hope we never hear the words “new normal” again – except for those of you not washing your hands – wash your hands…that is now your new normal! For the latest safety protocols, such as curfews and mask mandates, you can check our Facebook page and, if you don’t have social media, feel free to give us a call or send an email. (I should’ve been practicing on my dartboard during quarantine so when the tourney’s start back up at Pink Cadillac, I could open a can of whoop-ass on my friends, Pat Foss and Larry “Bubba” Rice!)

It’s hard to believe that a year ago a bunch of us locals left Peñasco aboard the Astoria, cruising the Sea of Cortez for 11 days. What a fantastic trip – we explored a lot of great cities, had a great time with our crew, and some of us even swam with whale sharks in La Paz (me, yes, it was me!). Obviously, we don’t know what is going to happen with the cruise industry, let alone cruise ships to our home port in Rocky Point, but I am still optimistic they are still in our future. Naysayers beware – it happened once, and it can happen again, and if 2020 taught us anything, it was never say never!

We should begin to see whales here in Rocky Point this month. The local charters always know where they are, so be sure to go out for the day and see these creatures up close while you’re in town – it is definitely well worth it. If you’re looking for a super up-close-and-personal whale “petting” experience, check out my article in this month’s edition about our own local photographer, Tony Ballesteros and his Mystic Whale Tours, which takes you over to Guerrero Negro for the adventure of a lifetime. A bunch of us locals flew over with him last February and it was magical.

If all goes well this month, then we’ll get the “Events” back into the paper starting with the February edition, and you might even see “Rumorsville” pop up now and again. If you would like to add your event, or have a juicy rumor, send it on over. We have lots of great things planned for 2021 to make the Rocky Point Times Newspaper better than ever, now I just have to get to work and stop goofing off. BUT goofing off in Rocky Point is SO much fun – I highly recommend it!

Alicia, Mario, myself, and my Uncle Patrick Kilcullen (yes, we do make him work) would all like to thank you for your continued support and kindness and would like to wish you and yours a Feliz Año Nuevo! We hope to see you all healthy, happy, and in Rocky Point in 2021! Happy New Year!!