It’s great when things go as planned. Our Rocky Point trip had no problems with the border, speeding tickets, breakdowns, safety issues, or any other concerns. We just had a darn good time that was very relaxed. The meals were tasty, spiced with interesting conversations, belly laughs and funny stories about fishing buddies.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the November 3-10 Rocky Point outing and made it a success. We had a total of 11 people and two dogs, who were able to join part or all of the activities. I like to introduce new people to saltwater fly fishing, and we had two guys that were new to saltwater, Nick Appleton and Cookie Manning. I think both of these guys learned a great deal and were very appreciative of the tips and coaching that they received.

We caught large numbers and good-sized Orange Mouth Corvina, probably a dozen 22-24-inch size, one of our favorite target fish. Rod Buchanan and I caught enough Corvina to fill the smoker. I hope you got a taste of the smoked fish. Other fish caught were Cabrilla, Grouper, Bonefish, Trigger, Flounder, Grunt, and some other fish that had us looking at the fish ID chart. We had a few hookups with big stingrays that turned our boats into water sleds. Other fish that got our attention – some XXL Trigger at the jetty that abused Dave Weaver and I, they out gunned our 8 weight fly rods. The neap tides were manageable for our pontoon boats and kayaks and made for very pleasant fishing. We had one windy day where we all played tourist.

Even if the fishing was not good, Puerto Peñasco is a wonderful destination. Believe it or not many folks go to RP and don’t even think about fishing! Many places to eat, drink, socialize, and hang out on the beach. I think members of the group found several places they would like to visit again Thanks for the hospitality everyone.

Vince Deadmond The Retired Fly-Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at and (480) 818-1796.