Wow! What a month March was! Sandy and I are still trying to diet-down from our Saint Patty’s Day weekend of bacon wrapped hot dogs, Giuseppis breakfast and Chai Lattes and Cafe Mochas, Dos XX’s two for $33pesos at the Black Dog (Sports Book now open), and dinner with Luca at his place, Pane e Vino. Then the Peñasco Palooza Concert was blown off the beach, disappointing hundreds of ticket holders. KEEP YOUR TICKETS, we will announce here in the Rocky Point Times, or on our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page, when we hear about the new venue. Speaking of Facebook, Sandy is going nuts with our page. She says you need to check it out and LIKE OUR PAGE, to receive all of our posts. We reached 1,821 people just last week alone. Isn’t that amazing. It makes me want to learn how to use the computer, and I thought I would never, ever say anything like that. For your convenience, our website is and the Facebook logo button (top/right) will take you right to our facebook Page.

This month we have some more new events happening. TWO OFF ROAD RACES are coming to Rocky Point, one on the weekend of the 13th and one over the weekend of the 21st. WOW! The new CINEMA, with 6 screens, is set to open this month at the intersection of the Main Blvd. Benito Juarez and Luis Encinas. The AUTOZONE should now be open, or close to it. SAM’S CLUB has started construction right next door to Bodega Aurrera (WalMart). LAS CONCHAS BOCCE BALL TOURNAMENT is on the 7th. Nancy tells us that there will be a SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC on the 13th/14th at the Shrimp Plaza. I know there’s more, but I can’t think of them right now. Watch our Facebook Page for up-dates.

WALK FOR THE CHILDREN was last month. Steve Schwab, founder of PCF-Peñasco Children’s Foundation, began a 200 mile Phoenix to Rocky Point solo walk to raise money, thru mileage donations, for children in Puerto Peñasco who require medical tretments and surgeries to correct maladies, and/or save young lives. One example of a child helped through the PCF is Ana Paula who, at the young age of 8, had surgery for the removal of a brain tumor. Today she is just one of the success stories and, each year for Steve’s walk, Ana Paula and her family are there to cheer him on at the finish line. Steve’s son, Connor, joined him for a portion of the walk, for the second year in a row. I think Steve is seriously training someone to take over in a few years.

BICYCLISTS, 207 MILES, FOR CHARITY. We did not know about this effort until just this month, but it seems that two years ago, Peoria residents Ian and Erin Long, who had helped build houses for the poor in Rocky Point, came up with the idea for ‘207 MILES’. The first ride was with 6 bicyclists. These years ride had over 30 signed up, from what we hear. Contact 1 Mission for information. Seems like another really worthy cause.

ROCKY POINT TIMES EL GOLFO RUN #32 is now scheduled. This May 4-5-6 we will be in El Golfo de Santa Clara drinking beer and eating tacos for the 32nd trip. Friday morning, we meet at our ‘Ranchito’ about 8AM. We head out in our 4×4’s and buggy’s and rails, jeeps, Rhinos, etc. and head out over the desert, dunes, salt flats, Coastal Highway, and beaches for 80 mile to the small fishing town of El Golfo. Sunday night at 5PM, we have our ‘Survivors Dinner’ on top of the hill at La Casa del Capitan. Everyone is welcome, as long as you have a 4×4 and know how to drive it. It’s a great weekend trip. Contact our office at (011-52-638) 383-6325 / or (480) 463-6255 / or email Sandy at for reservations. We don’t take any $$, we just make sure the rooms are reserved for our group. Join us this May!