The Rocky Point Times “El Golfo Run”, which took place in October of this year, was our 33rd bi-annual off-road run from Rocky Point to the small fishing town of El Golfo de Santa Clara, about 85 miles, north of Rocky Point. The runs are organized in May and October every year by my wife, Sandy. We were not able to make this last run, due to some minor surgery I had just gone through at the Phoenix V.A Hospital. There were several new folks going for their first time. In all, there were about 25 to 30 vehicles in the group. As usual, everyone had a great time. Apparently there was one group that will share a ‘special memory’. When we cross the salt flats, we tell everyone to stay in line, single file, and don’t veer off, because it consists of deep, quicksand-like mud. And it really feels like you imagine quicksand would feel when you accidentally drive into it. Believe me, we know from our own experiences! From the stories I heard, I guess that one vehicle either slowed down or slid off and got stuck. The natural reaction from those following behind was to head right or left and go AROUND the stuck-in-the-mud vehicle. It didn’t take long and several were buried. Thankfully our friend, Paul in his big white dodge, got everyone out, with both cars and people in dire need of a bath. One quote I heard was, “I shook out my shorts and mud was falling down my leg, but I can’t wait for the next run in May, 2013”. Watch for Sandy to post the dates on our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page…and be sure to LIKE us while you are there.

I mentioned earlier that I had been to the V.A. Hospital in Phoenix. While I was checking in at the hospital reception desk, there were two stacks of plain white envelopes, written on the front was, “Take one”. The first envelope had a card in it, saying, “Thank You”, and inside was written, “For Serving Our Country”. This card was signed by Stephen Goodman. (I hope I spelled it right). The 2nd envelope had a handwritten note thanking veterans for their service. I asked the receptionist, “Who wrote this?”, and I was told that this boy had printed 191,000 (Yes, one hundred ninety one THOUSAND, I checked the number three times), and had put them throughout the U.S. and had also sent some to troops overseas. I thought it was pretty cool.

Not in time for Thanksgiving but maybe for Xmas. The question most asked is: Can I bring a turkey to Mexico? I stopped at the border and asked the inspectors. I was told yes, but only one turkey and NO BEEF. They also say two pets per person with appropriate papers, shot records etc and proper vehicle registration papers.

Our 12th Annual Bike Rally was another huge success, with all kinds of motorcycles EVERYWHERE in town, and completely covering every square inch of pavement in Old Port over the second weekend of November. Sr. Oscar Palacio, who actually started the Rally 12 years ago, told us that the hotel occupancy this year was 43% MORE than it was last year! He will begin the promotions for the 2013 Rally in March, so watch the Rocky Point Times for announcements of the progress, or read our latest editions at Follow all events on our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page, and LIKE us, while you are there (Sandy made me say that). In last month’s editorial I wrote about a problem, with the new bypass road going to Sandy Beach Resorts. The city didn’t want high profile vehicles to use the road and constructed an arch with chains hanging down, which is OK but it was only on the north end and no sign on the south end, so the chains would drag across the roof of the RV’s. We had received a few written complaints from our readers about damage to motorhomes from the chains, and I promised I would make the city aware of the problem. I hope to think we helped solve the problem, since the chains have now been taken down. I haven’t seen any SLOW signs, but at least the chains are gone.

Every day is a good day in Rocky Point, some are a little better than others. I received an email from Richard Goy, asking if I would be interested in a guided tour of a project south of Rocky Point, which he is involved with, by the name “Playa Paloma.” After a few telephone conversations, we met at the Rocky Point Times office at 10am. A short stop at Reggie’s 8/12 for sod’s and burritos, we were on our way about 55 miles, south to the property. Along the way Richard told me that he has been coming to Rocky Point for many years and that he and his partners, which include Park West Developers, were instrumental in many successful projects such as Playa Encanto. In 1999 they acquired 7800 acres and began the development of Playa Paloma. I haven’t driven south towards Caborca for a long time and we soon approached an intersection I had not seen before. Richard explained that it is the beginning of the new Coastal Highway and that this road is just off the highway to the right, by the sign that used to be on the roadside before the new construction and that there are plans to make it more visible. We drove down a fairly good dirt road for about 4 miles, coming to a security gate and office, before entering the beach property, which is staffed 24-7. There are many things that are very impressive about Playa Paloma. One of which is how high the sand dunes are and, as you approach, the road is paved along the back side of the dunes and a driveway is paved up to the crest of each ½ acre lot. The project consists of 3 stages, La Reserva, Privada, and La Escala, with each of the twenty six lots sitting atop the dunes. There is over four miles of the most beautiful sandy beaches along the Sea of Cortez, which are maintained daily. The property is under a master trust with individual trusts available. The infrastructure in place with electric, sewer, water and 24 hr. security. If you are in the market for beach front property with the lowest prices available and with developers with a verification track record, check out and see the Playa Paloma ad in this issue. Thanks Richard for a great day, next time I’ll drive my buggy down there. It is truly a beautiful location.

As of our deadline (mid-month) for this December issue, we heard that the Rocky Point American Legion Post MX 15 needed a freezer for ‘store-bought’ food and fresh fish that the guys go out and catch to feed the poor. So, if you have a freezer, or a fridge with a freezer that you don’t necessarily need, drop by the AMEX Post in the Mirador area, up the road behind the Pink Cadillac in the Los Juanes building, and see if they still need it. We also just learned that Greg and Joe, RPTimes friends who WON the Harley in the Raffle at the Latitude 31°, are donating the bike back for sale in order to help the city obtain dialysis machines. Right now, a dialysis patient has to get to Caborca, or farther…100 miles or more for their treatment. DIF and the First Lady are trying to accomplish the goal of bringing dialysis to Rocky Point, and Greg and Joe said that Rosie Glover was helping them with translation and organization for this great task. We will try to get more information on this, and have it for you, as to where to donate to this cause, at our office (011-52-638-383-6325) off Calle 13, behind the second OXXO on the left.

We here at the Rocky Point Times Newspaper Offices want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy & Healthy New Year!! Don’t forget to get your “Christmas Angel” from one of the three locations to make Christmas very special for a child at the Escuela La Montaña. You will find a “Christmas Angel” tree at La Cocina de Ramon off Simon Morua, at the Lighthouse on top of the hill in Old Port, and at Segunda This & That in Old Port just down from the Friendly Dolphin. Any questions on location, or directions…please feel free to call our office at 383-6325, AND we always accept ALL DONATIONS, NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF YEAR IT IS. Blankets are very much in need, right now.

Merry Christmas!! and Happy New Year 2013!! to all.