Welcome to May. The weather should be great and there are tons of events going on this month from the Hobie Cat Regatta, Songwriter’s Festival, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend and lots of stuff in-between. And don’t forget that it is the last month to enjoy the Mermaid’s Market!

You’ve probably noticed the change in our paper this month. This is because we had to change printers and they use a different type of paper – more of a newsprint and not a bright white paper. I think it came out very nice for not having any trial runs, but we will be doing some adjusting over the next couple months as we get used to each other and we’ll be back on track. We had some malfunctions last month with the switch and holiday, so thanks for your patience – and yelling – we know you love the paper!!

This Editorial is going to be super short because I am an hour away from joining around 20 other people to board the Fiesta Yacht to head out for a 4-day excursion down to Bahia de Los Angeles and places in-between. I still don’t know the itinerary and imagine the wind will dictate some of what we do and where we go. Should be fun! Next month the paper will be full of just my articles – I have a lot of catching up to do.

Some exciting news for (us) wine drinkers…La Cava Boutique de Vinos will be opening up next to Plaza Fabiola and I can’t wait to see what they will have in stock and enjoy some wine tastings! It looks very cool and will be a fantastic addition to the town. Also, this month Encantame Resorts will be having a party that is open to the public on May 26th so check out the front cover and their article for details – see you there!

Elections will be held next month (June 2nd) and there is usually no alcohol sold, but we can’t find anything confirming this this year so, just in case “ley seca” is still in effect, be sure to purchase your alcohol before midnight on the 1st. A little birdie told me that Caludia Sheinbaum Pardo (Morena Party) is the favorite to win for President of Mexico. And also running are Xochitl Galvez Ruiz (PAN/PRI/PRD Party – they made a coalition) and Jorge Alvarez Maynez (Movimiento Ciudadano Party). For our local Mayor (Presidente) we have Linda Pivac running (PAN/PRI/PRD), Alan Renteria (Movimiento Ciudadano) and Oscar Castro (Morena). (Tidbit: Linda Pivac is the sister of our current Mayor, Jorge Pivac and the ex-wife of our last Mayor, Kiko Munro and Alan Renteria is the son of one of our previous Mayor’s.)

Again, so sorry for not writing all of my awesome articles this month and for this short Editorial – I should really be fired! Promise to work really hard this month and get you some great stories for June. I’m going to throw in a few photos of the new look of the Fiesta Yacht and you’ll have to wait until I get back to see some of trip photos on social media – I don’t think we’ll have much (if any) cell signal out on the Sea of Cortez – thank goodness – people will actually be talking to one another – what a concept!!

Enjoy life while you can. Snap a photo for two – especially on Mother’s Day – and then put away the phone and enjoy your family and friends. See you at the Beach!